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Friday, May 6, 2016

Still missing Ireland (BEDM Day 6)

A little later than I should -because I got too occupied with playing games and online conversations but since my blog is still on Irish time it is actually still May 6- , but for today's post I am participating in Five Minute Friday, something I have done more often in the past and I always enjoyed doing.
I somehow never seem to get a lot typed down in Five minutes but so be it.
Today's prompt is miss and the below is what came out when I thought about that word and typed straight for five minutes. 

After leaving almost 2 years ago I still miss Ireland. 
It’s strange to realize how after living there for 7.5 years this country somehow had really become my home. 
The place where my oldest grew up. The place where my second was born. The place where I brought my one month old to after she was born at home in my mums home in Suriname. 
There is something about Ireland that I will always miss. It is the place where I got to have a family, a complete one, that grew by the years. A (rented ) house with a garden like I always wanted, a car and a good job. 
And I even was able to do things for God. Singing in worship teams, leading worship and teaching in small groups. 
Leaving Ireland has meant giving up so much. Not only for me but also for my girls. 
And still I want to believe that some day God will somehow give it back or replace it with something new , something better, just like He has promised in His word.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. What do you think about when you think about the word 'miss '?
I would love to hear from you.


Five Minute Friday is currently hosted by Kate Motaung.

If you want to read older Five Minute Friday posts written by me, you can read them here.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Favourite April buys BEDM day 5

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I am currently trying to make a little more effort and I am more often using a little more make up than I did before. Actually I used to be quite 'make up less'  most of them time.  Since I did not really have enough make up to be able to do that, I recently went to the Big Bazar here in Amsterdam to pick up a few cheap make up items.

I got a foundation, mascara, a lipgloss and a lipstick.

And since I started the challenge of wearing dresses and skirts, (read here ) I have been using these every day now together with a black pencil which I already had.

It is interesting to get in the habit of putting some make up on. I think that is really good to pay more attention to how I look.

So I'm really happy with these items and I'm sure that I will really be using them quite a lot in the coming time and that I will enjoy it.

I am also trying to take more care of my hair and so I'm regularly co-washing my hair and so I was delighted to find a big bottle of conditioner for only 1,99

My phone camera somehow got a bit blurry.

What are your favourite buys from April ? Which make up  items do you use on a daily basis ?

I would love to hear from you.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What Kids Wore Wednesday : Bunny love (Day 4 BEDM)

I always loved doing 'What Kids Wore' posts.

So today I am finally going to do one again.
Today I want to share an outfit that Nevaeh was wearing.

In the pictures Nevaeh is wearing a grey jumper with sparkles on it and the text "Make your own Magic". And a skirt with bunnies on it,

Nevaeh really loves bunnies, so she really loves clothes with bunnies on them.
So it is no suprise that this skirt is really one of her favourite skirts. She only gets to wear it to church or to a party but she is always excited when she gets to put this outfit on.

She got the shoes as a birthday present from her aunt.

Sweater : H & M
Skirt : H & M
Thights: HEMA

I hope you liked this post.

I would love to hear from you.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Another challenge Day 3 #BEDM

Today I accepted a new challenge. A friend of mine posted an album on facebook with the text "30 day chalenge of wearing dresses and skirts."
I commented ; ‘Sounds cool’ and before I knew it, she challenged me to do the same.
And I decided to accept. I don’t have a lot of dresses and skirts but I’m going to give it a try anyway.
I used to love wearing dresses / skirts to church. Nice long ones. But I don’t have a lot of those anymore.
And today when I looked through my wardrobe, deciding what to wear, I realized that a lot of dresses / skirts actually needed to be washed so the best I could do was to wear a short dress with a legging. It's not my favourite way to wear a skirt or dress but I sometimes do.
So after taking a shower and co-washing my hair, that is what I put on.

It is the same dress that I had on last Summer when the girls and I were in Romania. Only then I was a few kilograms lighter.

I realized that accepting this challenge also meant, that I would have to really try and do my best more with my hair and make -up. A lot of days, I leave the house without looking in the mirror, just grabbing a top and a pair of pants to put on. Now since part of this challenge is to take a picture of you in the outfit and I would like to look a little nice on the pictures, that is not going to do anymore.
It actually felt good to do and I guess it was time that I started to make more effort to look representable on a daily basis. So I am really happy with this challenge.

Did you recently accept some kind of challenge ? (other than BEDM) What do you think about the 30 day dress/ skirt challenge ?

Love and blessings,

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Springy times. Day 2 of BEDM.

I always loved the idea of a Hello Monday post from Lisa Leonard and you may have seen some of them before on my blog.
As my second post for the month of May I chose to do another one. 

Hello Monday

Hello Springy times

Hello days with sunny spells.

Hello to playing outside at the back.

Hello playground times with lots of fun.

Hello to Yovannah writing in a diary.

Hello to Nevaeh improving her writing skills.

Hello little flowers growing in the wild.

Hello to planting little veggies.

Hello apple tree. I hope that you will grow well and live and when I’ve found you an 'apple tree mate' that some day we could have apples from you as well.

Hello to looking into the world with my own eyes.
Since my reading glasses that I was wearing the whole day broke, I have been going without glasses a lot of the time lately. Only for the laptop and reading, I really need glasses and I picked up a pair in the supermarket for a euro. I did get lenses from the optician to try out as well but one of them somehow got ripped after a few days so I need to get another one to replace that one.

Hello to wearing a little bit more make up again. Without glasses I feel I need to use make up more often to hide the dark circles under my eyes a little bit. :) 

Hello to the May school break. We have one week of it left and I hope the girls and I can do some fun stuff before they have to go back to school next week.

Hello to movie time at home with popcorn. You gave us lots of fun and we are doing you again today.

What are you saying Hello to today ?

Have a lovely Monday evening.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

The friend book. #BEDM day 1

I have been planning to start writing and publishing blogs for some time now and I decided that this month would be the month. I thought it would be a good idea to join a blogging challenge to write every day in May and when I went on google to look for one, I found Blog Every Day in May from Elizabeth. I decided to join her and all the other bloggers in doing this challenge. So here is the first post of the month.

One of the things that all my girls have been interested in lately is the ‘friend book’.
This is a book with some kind of questionnaire where  answers need to be filled in by each friend.
They are very popular here in Holland. You can buy a lot of different ones in different styles and with different (but a bit similar) questionnaires.
Ixora and Yovannah got one at the end of last year and Nevaeh finally got one a few weeks ago.
I used to love them too when I was young. When I was living in Suriname, I did not have a real friend book yet as the ones you can buy here in Holland in the shop, but I used to have note books where I would make up the questionnaire myself.
They were always interesting because you would find out a lot of things about someone which you did not know. When I was a teenager I made my first one. I was moving from middle school to high school and thought it would be a nice way to remember my class mates by. It was very interesting and strange to find out that some guys seemed to like me more than they showed.
In another book I made years later, I thought it would be nice to add the question; ‘ what do you think about me ?” That also led to surprising things like finding out that a good male friend thought that I looked ‘sexy’ (?) Funny ! I helped Yovannah and Nevaeh to fill in the answers in Yovannahs friend book and learned that one wants to become a ballerina and the other a princess. So funny and cute !
But looking at the questions in Yovannahs friend book (I actually promised her that I will also write in her book at the end) made me think that it would be fun to answer them in a blog post.
Today when I decided to join the BEDM and as I looked at the topic for today, I remembered that I still had this post that I planned to write for a while.
So here are my answers to the questions in Yovannahs friend book.

Colour of my eyes:  brown
Colour of my hair:  dark brown
Length :  approximately 170 cm
Weight:  ???? I have no working scale at the moment, but probably more than I would like !?
What makes me special:  think, think, think….
I really love to worship God with all that is within me and I do this at least every week on Sunday and sometimes at home.
Hobbies:  Reading, singing, writing, fitness
Favourite film:  think, think….The Matrix (!?) (Surprising choice for me since I am a romantic comedy ‘chick flick’ kind of girl.
Favourite tv series:  Too many. To name a few; Switched at birth, Parenthood, Suburgatory, Felicity, Grey's Anatomy, Quantico
Favourite Book:  The bible, The wedding from Nicholas Cage, I love Christmas by Lindsey Kelke
What I love to eat the most:  Saouto soup (Surinamese-Indonesian soup) , the tastiest thing ever !!
Favourite animal :  dog
I’m good in:  encouraging people and writing ( I hope)
What I want to be:  business owner, Montessori teacher (currenlty qualified but not teaching), kids fashion designer, fulltime worker for God one day.
My favourite country for holiday:  Romania
Three things I would take to a desperate island:   My bible, a photo album with pics of loved ones and a hammock. (If people would be possible clearly it would be : Ix, Yov and Bea-Boo. It wouldn't be the same without them !) 
My dream wish:  To be a godly wife to a man of God one day and fulfill Gods plan for my life.

Yovannah just got her first friend book

So this was my first post for this month and I really hope that I can stick to my plan to write every day this month.  Some days I might use the topic of the day and some days not.
I hope you’ll be here to read a long and I hope to hear from you when you do.

Did you have a friend book when you were growing up ? I would love to hear from you.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Back to Holland

After spending 2 months in Suriname (South America) and three weeks in the UK, I finally decided to go back to the country where I was born.
The country where a lot of years ago, my parents took their -then- 5 kids to , because my father was offered a job as a teacher. The country that he never really left and where he eventually died, still full of plans to move back to Suriname one day. The country that I left with my mum and two sisters as a toddler after my parents broke up.  The country where I moved back to as a teenager and kept leaving and going back to later on in life. The country where all my siblings were and are still living with their families.

Even though it should be home, it didn’t feel like that anymore. My home had become Ireland but with no income and no house or any place to stay, it was not an option to go back to Ireland. And God had put upon my heart to take my girls back to Holland so that they finally could go to school, the thing I worried about the most while we were in the UK.  So I took this huge leap of faith and went back.
It hasn’t been an easy journey, especially since I officially became a single mum of three, after we left Suriname. (My ex and I went to court for a divorce and he stayed behind and I’ve had to do all the parenting on my own since I left and he has not been financially supporting the girls either. ) But God showed me that He is with us and has blessed us enormously.

It has been a little over a year now since we moved here. This month we celebrated being here for a year. 

God has shown us His mercy and even though my 'school going' girls had started school a semester late, had to go to a Dutch school when they hardly spoke Dutch or no Dutch at all, they made it and have started in a new class this school year. Glory to God !
By Gods grace I ended up finding a school where they had extra language support classes next to the regular curriculum which helped Ixora a little with her back log. From the last semester of the past school year Yovannah started going to a language speech therapist to increase her Dutch vocabulary and to help her with grammar. With the help and by Gods grace they have come a long way in the past year.
Nevaeh has started school at the beginning of this year and has been marvelous in picking up the Dutch language and has needed no extra support so far. Glory to God !

A few months ago, we finally miraculously found a beautiful new home in a beautiful, child –friendly neighborhood.  Our house is not really finished yet but it surely is one of the greatest blessings that we have received in the past year and I’m praying that we will have most things in the house done before Christmas.  I am grateful  to know that my girls and I, are not alone in our journey, but God has been and always has been with us to support us and bless us along the way.

I’ve thought a lot of times about going back to blogging and certainly I have had a lot to blog about but I kept postponing to write this first update blog post.  So now that I’ve finally got this over with, you will be able to read more from me again.
My blog will be about the usual stuff that I always wrote about but now I will also be writing about living in Holland and my experiences as a single mum.

I hope that you’ll continue to read along and I’d love to hear from you.

Love and blessings,

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What I like, love loathe in Suriname

I really had to get used to being here and even though I know that I wouldn’t be able to live here at the moment for a few different reasons, I’m trying to enjoy the little things....
I decided to do a like, love, loathe post  (as the idea of Futures ) about being here.

I like it that it is never really cold and that I can wear summer clothes every day.
I get to see my mum a lot. Every day she comes by, mostly reads a newspaper outside and we chat a bit and she helps out where ever she can.

Newspaper from Suriname (in Dutch)

I like the little pieces of Surinamese fruit on vinegar.  Healthy and yummy.

I also like swinging in the hammock at the back of the house, especially if it makes me feel less warm because of the wind.

I love doing tv fitness every weekday. I still want to lose some more weight...and try to get a flatter tummy and thinner thighs.  Haha I have a couple of trousers that don’t fit right......When I’m doing it I sometimes think : 'what am I thinking ? why am I doing this to myself ?' You also get very hot while doing fitness here in Suriname. But I need it and it feels good having done that much to get fit and toned....
after workout

I love taking care of my natural hair. I found a leave in conditioner that I love and my aunt blessed me with supplements for hair, skin, nails and body.  Yay !

There are a few things that I don't like but what I really loathe here is the heat. A lot of times it is just too hot. I looked yesterday at a sign with the temperature and it said 33 degrees Celsius.
To live here I’d need a fully airconditioned house. Well, the fan does help but whenever you go to an area in the house where there is no fan, you start to sweat very quickly , especially if you’re trying to do housework. So annoying and practically unbearable. So the fans in this house move quite a lot. (if we really want to be cool in a place without fan)And the kids sometimes drop the fans and then we have less....I’m trying to not wear too many clothes when I’m in the keep cool but it doesn’t help much...
I also loathe the mosquitoes. They keep bugging you day and night.

We use vape but it doesn’t always help that much. And there’s one particular mosquito who is getting ‘ a cold shower’ from me today. It is a mosquito that carries a disease called Chikungunya and you have more and more of those cases here in Suriname.  A few people even died from getting it. My mum and Ixora also got the symptoms a week ago (high temperature/ fever and body pains) but did better shortly after it started.  Praise God !!
When I initially wrote this I wasn’t so lucky myself to come across one of those devilish mosquitoes but recently I’ve been getting symptoms of Chikungunya myself so I’ve been mostly in bed today and taking pain killers every 4 I'm loathing the mosquitoes even more now. LOL

What do you mean a bite from a mosquito with Chikungunya ? I feel more as if a very heavy person sat on top of me for an hour or so.... -feeling sore and weak.....
(but I will surely be better the grace of God.)

What did you like, love, loathe lately ?

I’d love to hear from you.....

Love and blessings,

Friday, September 26, 2014

A look inside my kitchen

Well, as you know we are currently visiting my mum in Suriname and she is so kind to let us stay in her house. Our lease for the house we rented in Ireland finished so we moved out before we came here. I can't wait though to find another house to call home and to take up the challenge to really turn it into a home.
I saw this book on Amazon the other day that I really would love to have.
I read the sample of it and was already so blessed by it.
She also talks about how she has rented a lot of houses but it never stopped her from turning  it into a home. I can't wait to get it and read it.

It is called The Nesting Place and you can find it at Amazon. 
Hopefully I can do a review on it another time.

I always wanted to share my kitchen with you so I decided to finally do it.

In the kitchen the landlord had two paintings of poppy flowers and this inspired me to decorate my kitchen. I went crazy buying red stuff or red/white stuff and enjoyed decorating my kitchen.

I also looked at youtube kitchen tours to feel inspired.

So this is how I decorated my kitchen.

The reason I wanted to decorate my kitchen at first was because it was my least loved place of the house. I never felt like cleaning it. So I decided to try to love it by making it a nice place.

I bought the apple through Zulily.
I wanted to have frames with pictures of the kids in the kitchen. I found the red frames at the carboot sale in Tallaght Stadium.

I bought  the lantern in Woodies.
I found the plates at the Carbootsale in Tallaght Stadium
The teapot and cups are from WOODIES.

I found the little red vase at the Carbootsale in Tallaght Stadium
The plate is from AVON (was from a cupcake stand which broke)
The containers are from ARGOS
The tea bag holder (poppy theme) is from WOODIES.
The towels are from Home store.

The compost bin is from WOODIES.
The blackboard in heart shape I bought through Zulily.

Some more pics....

I hope that you enjoyed having a look into my kitchen.

Do you have a colour theme or other theme in your kitchen ? What do you like about your kitchen ?
I'd love to hear from you.

Put a link from your post about your kitchen in the comments.

For more home decorating posts click here.

Love and blessings,

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What kids wore Wednesday : colourful and light

Today I wanted to do another What Kids Wore post.

In the pictures below Yovannah is wearing a blouse/ short dress from NEXT which we bought two years ago in the NEXT summer sale. It is paired with green trousers from DUNNES stores even though I must say that they are probably a bit too warm for this heat here.

I love the blouse though, expecially the back. It is from very light (thin) fabric which is perfect for hot weather. It is nice and colourful.

I really love the quality from NEXT clothing for kids. But since they can be quite expensive I only shop there during sales at the moment and only occasionally really.

Blouse/ dress; Next
Trousers; Dunnes Stores

What are your thoughts about the outfit of my little girl ? What do you think about NEXT clothing for kids ? Do you shop there? I would love to hear from you. If you're sharing a post with your kids' outfit as well, please put the link to your post in the comments. I'd love to see it.

(Apologies for the low quality pictures. My camera broke shortly after we arrived here so these are made with a phone with 2mp camera which I got from my mum.)


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