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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Returning to work

Then, finally a dry day again. Praise God!
These last weeks/days have certainly been a challenge and the weather has had a huge part in it. No, luckily no floods and all.
But it hasn’t been much joy to walk in the rain (and strong winds) on several occasions. I haven’t got a hood on my coat nor a hat or something like that so my hair got more ruined every time.
But my kids were dry, thanks to a double buggy that I purchased from someone from the website Magicmum Yay !
I still feel totally blessed for having the possibility to spend more time with my kids, in spite of the fact that life got so much busier and all.
I actually really embraced my new role.
But I really went from thinking, ‘I’m happy to be a SAHM ‘ to I thinking ‘I’m ready now to go back to work’. lol
But this has nothing to do with the kids. At least, it has a little bit, but in a different way than you would think. I want to be able to earn money again so I can buy things for them, at least to be able to spend more of the child benefit for them. But also I’ve been working from home as an Avon rep and I had to take the baby or both kids along sometimes and sometimes through the wind and rain and it was all such a challenge that I thought: I want my normal job back again. I just felt so bad having to do that to them. So I got ready to go back but since the management has changed their mind about me returning to work 5 hours a day I had to decide if I’d start on December 7 or in January. So I asked them if I could come back in December and then take half days off for the whole month of December (since I already had a place at the crèche for the baby for half days from next week) and I was on the phone with the HR supervisor today.
He was going to call me back and I was thinking.: I have to start in about a week time.I’m not ready. (even if it would only be 4 times 4 hours per week.) I don’t want to work!! Help!

And then he called me back and said that it was probably best to start in January because people from the team already were taking days off in December and there were rules that there couldn’t be more people taking leave at the same time.
So I’m starting back on January 11 now.
Officially on the 4th but I'm taking the first week off.
And my parental leave has been approved. Yay !
I’ll be off work every Wednesday.
And the kids both have been accepted at a crèche close by. I’m really happy with that too. I’d been looking into the possibility to leave them with a child minder but they really seem to be quite expensive nowadays

Anyway, I’m okay with starting fresh and being a working mum again in the New year. But I really could’ve used the money I’d be getting just before Christmas. (They always pay the salaries of December before Christmas) Still, I must say that I’m also glad to have one more month at home with the baby.
I’ll just be trusting God to provide.
By the time the baby goes to the crèche, she has started solids and I’m planning to combine bottle and breast-feeding when she is 6 months. So that will all be going well, I assume. So I think it will all be for the best.

I only still need someone to pick my eldest from school and bring her to the crèche. (after school care) Also, I probably need someone who will bring her to school unless hubby can start later. Anyway, we’ll see.
In the meanwhile we’ll see how it goes as Avon rep. I already decided that I won’t be doing rounds during the day anymore, only maybe on Saturday when hubby can mind the kids. And I decided to try other ways to get customers like Avon parties etc.
So we’ll see.

Anyway, if you’d like to receive the latest brochure or you would like to order anything from or you’re interested in hosting an Avon party (you’ll be getting a percentage of the order and gifts) just let me know.

For now, enjoy the rest of your week.

Blessings from Chan.
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