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Friday, May 20, 2011

New things, new beginnings

It's time for five minutes of writing without editing again.
Joining The Gypsy mama.

Today we're writing about :

When seasons change

Thinking about this and writing for 5 minutes, this came out.

when seasons change something new begins.
No matter where we are in life, there's always a chance to start over again.
To be the person that we want to be, to start a new chapter in our lives.
We always get a chance to start over with God.
God Who with His loving arms is waiting for us to follow His perfect plan for our lives who makes room for our mistakes for the times that we choose our own path , our own plan and He is waiting for us to return with our hearts totally open and dedicated to Him to listen to hear what He wants to say.
What His plans are,. What 'His next' is...
Instead of our next.
He is faithful and will continue to guide us and promnpt us in to His perfect plan for out lives.
We gat the chance to miss the boat now and then but we through His grace get the chance to start over....

Now it's your turn. Join us and write for five minutes and show us what you got.
Link back to The Gypsy mama when you're done.

Love and blessings,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

More than just a mum

Becoming a mum of three first only made me feel that I was really a mum more than anything else. I’m learning that to be a better mum you also have to make time for yourself though. Because as fulfilling as the job of a mum might be you’re always something more than just a mum.
And I think that that is something that we as mums should not forget.

I notice that I tend to feel a bit guilty sometimes if I do anything else than taking care of children,cooking and housework. But doing just that does make me feel less happy as well.

On Mothersday I watched the movie Motherhood which is about the struggles of motherhood.
The mum from the movie is also writing blogs in her free moments and is planning to enter into a writing competition which could result in her having her own income. But the story is actually about her planning a party for her daughter who is turning 6. In the end her husband who collects old books hands her over a check of 24000 euro so she can put her toddler son at playschool and buy a dishwasher or something just so she can have more time doing what she loves: writing. Because he realises that she needs a bit more than just being a mum to be happy.
I found the movie a bit boring not as funny as I’d hoped but I liked it that she makes pictures of her kids like I do and writes a blog as well and I got from the movie that you need to have a balance in your life to be happy and fulfilled as a mum and a woman.
So I’m planning to keep trying to be the best mum that I can be and also to try to get to a good balance so I ‘ll be a happy and fulfilled person.

Still for some reason I love the movie. Perhaps because I do recognise so much and because of what I got out of it.

I love what she says at the end:

'Motherhood is accepting limitations of time and energy which stretches beyond yourself, and sometimes it might seem as if it might consume you'

(from the movie 'motherhood')...

It's so recognisable.

Even though, some mothers have a calling to be SAHM's I believe it's always good to make some time for yourself even if it's just a hobby like writing a blog, going to the gym or a ministry in church like singing in the church choir.

So if you have a certain dream to do something,don't give up on it. go for it...

It doesn't make you less than a mum.

And for the rest : Find yourself something that you enjoy apart from children and housework to keep a balance in your life.

You're more than 'just a mum'.

Started as an Avon Business Developer this week to earn money from home.
Ix made this ugly picture of me with my reading glasses. LOL

Love and blessings,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Money earning mum

Nevaeh-Divine is now 3 months old. Yay ! I'm scheduled to go back to work next month but I'm planning to take some additional leave so I can stay home longer. And I'm trying to look for opportunities to work from home so I won't have to go back fulltime. I'm becoming an Avon Business Developer and am looking for possibilities to earn money with writing but if I'm realistic I won't earn enough to be able to afford not going back to work next month.It's going to be a great challenge for our family to only live on one income for a while which brings tears to my eyes. I remember how hard it was last time I decided to take additional leave. At the other hand when I applied to become an Avon BD, I felt quite guilty because I felt- even though it would be working from home-it would be taking time away that is for the kids, not realising I'm due to go back to earning money so soon.
It kind of broke my heart because I love this fulltime mothering and Nevaeh is still so small.(I'm getting all teary while writing this)
I had to pray to God to give me peace over it to know that I was in His will and only later realised that it was the right time.
If I start up my Avon business now by the time my maternity benefit ends I could be making a bit of money.
So at the moment it seems inevitable. Even though I got a bit confused, wondering if I should work at all. Because I started to see motherhood as a fulltime ministry, a calling.
Though I must say that it would make me happy to do something else for me as well.I'm still trying to figure this out, what Gods perfect will would be for me.
But for now, I'm planning to try to combine motherhood with a bit of work.

Are you also a 'money earning mum' ? Do you work outside the home or are you privileged to be a SAHM ? What do you do to earn money ?

My next post is a something that I wrote when I started blogging again a few weeks ago and actually is related to the above.

Will posr it soon.

Blessings and love,

Friday, May 13, 2011

God knows and sees...

It's Friday again so it's time for Five minute Friday from the Gypsy Mama. Five minutes writing without editing.

So I had another try. Today we're writing about 'Deep breath'

Here we go.

Deep breath,

when I look at all my three children how they seem happy and content at a certain moment in time while just a few moments ago they all seemed to be crying out for me at the same time. A deep breath ,knowing these moments -when all or just one cries and there's nothing that you can do about it right away because you're already taking care of another sibling who needs you - will always pass away in just a little while.

A deep breath, knowing that the Lord is with you and sees you and watches over you and your children.
A deep breath, knowing that they will be alright even if they have to wait a little while and you have to let them cry.

For God knows and sees.

Your every step and every breath ,

also every time you take a deep breat


Well, again I felt time went very fast. Perhaps I have to type a bit faster. LOL

But it was nice to try and join in nevertheless.

Now it's your turn.

Write for five minutes see instructions on the blog of The Gypsy Mama.
When you're done, link back to her blog as I've done.

Good luck and happy blogging.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My favourite Avon buy & Give away...(closed)

The Give away is closed and the winner is..... Debra
Congratulations Debra.
Thanks to everyone for participating.
Watch out for other giveaways coming up soon...


As I mentioned before, apart from selling Avon I'm also a frequent Avon buyer. There are a lot of things that I love from Avon from shower gels and make up to jewelry and from time to time I will share with you my favourite products.

My favourite buy from Avon would be my cake stand from Country Rose. I love the pattern, the red with white polkadots. The top plate has a border with pink polka dots on white.

The sad thing about it is that the top plate broke the other day because something fell on top of it. So I' ll have to look for another one.
But here's a pic.

Yesterday I finally received a package from the company I work for as a present for the birth of Nevaeh-Divine.

Thank you UPS.

Because I know how nice it is to get gifts and this is my 20 th post I'm going to have a few give aways over the coming days.
The first thing I want to give away is a ring from Avon.

It's the Kenya ring.
Bold and stylish, silverplated ring with black epoxy animal print design and clear glass stones.
Approximately 2 cm wide.

I think this should be a size 8.
It comes in a small Avon box.

Okay, so here is all you need to do to have a chance of winning is :

1 Place a comment of at least ten words on my post; 'What are you wearing today ?' underneath the post on my blog.
(click on '.. comments')
2 Become a follower of my blog by clicking on 'follow' on the right side bar.

(There are no costs attached to the above)

You can do this until Sunday May 15th.
Please add your e-mailaddress so I can contact you personally if you are the winner.

Good luck !

Blessings and love,

BTW: do you have a favourite Avon buy ? Please share.
Do you live in Dublin Ireland and would like to become an Avon representative ?
(That way you can get discounts on your own purchases.)
Please let me know.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Treat yourself

Happy mothersday to all mums from all over the world.

Today I feel a bit of a sensation even though I live in one of those countries that don't celebrate mothersday today.
Here in the Republic of Ireland we already celebrated Mothersday in April
So it s strange to know that it is mothersday again
But being a mum I feel excited and happy for all the mums in the world.

As you might know I'm selling Avon products even though I'm on a short break now but I will be starting soon again, God willing.
In one of the books the reps get , I found a piece about how to do use mascara which I want to share.

We mothers often pay litte attention to how we look because we feel that we are too busy. I'm one of those mums. Lately I'm having bad hair days on a daily basis and I don't do much to change it and hardly take the time to put make up on Except for Sunday when I go to church. Most Sundays I try a bit harder.

I think it's important for us mums to take good care of ourselves. Those few minutes per day can make a lot of difference. It can make us feel good as a woman. Because even though we're mums we are still women.

We have to celebrate that we are women and treat ourselves from time to time. To a new hairdo, a nice dress, a pedicure, a spa, a shopping spree,a book, magazine. Orjust a piece of cake with a nice cup of tea from time to time...

Today I started the day with one of these and a cup of tea. mmmmm...

I looked online and found this video in which they also show how to put on mascara so instead of the tutorial from the book I decided to share this.

It's a tutorial for the Avon Spectralash Mascara.

Well, I'm going to try it today and will post on it again some other time.
I hope to go to the hair salon tomorrow morning and soon I will purchase a hair straightener to use in between salon appointments and hopefully my hair will look again like this for most of the time.

The baby was three weeks old at that time and quite a bit of my hair was cut off because at the back a part of my hair broke off during my pregnancy but I really felt great that day.

Then in short how my mothersday was this year ;Since becoming a mum of 3, I felt I really liked to get pampered with a few nice things.
I saw a lovely balloon with flowers on it, beautiful cards with flowers on them and I saw a book called mothersday and boxes of chocolate. And ofcourse a nice bouquet of flowers would've been nice.
So I already had told my 6 year old daughter what I would love to get and she was excited about going shopping for me for mothersday but since daddy needed to work I would have to take her.myself but then I lost my bank card.
So on mothersday I just went to church in the morning with the baby and afterwards took a small amount out of my creditcard and took my oldest daughter to Aldi's to buy some flowers and a box of chocolates and at home she gave them to me with the card she made at school, And I also got the art works with handprints and footprints from all of my girls we made the day before.This was another something I loved to have and decided to help the kids with.
And I was happy with just that little bit.

At the end of the day we watched the movie Motherhood together. Not really a family movie but I just liked to watch it on that day.

In my next post I will write more about this movie. I'm probably going to watch it again today.

I learned that I didn't need a lot to celebrate mothersday. I might deserve a lot like all mums do but a little felt just as good.

I loved the simple bouquet of flowers and the chocolate turned into 'mummy chocolates' to treat myself with when I felt I deserved a small treat after a hard dsy of cleaning up and taking care of the kids as a 'pat on the sholulder'.

I hope that you get a chance to feel special today. Because the truth is you are....whether you believe it or not.

And if there's no one else around to pamper you or your kids are a bit to small, pamper yourself. Because you deserve it.

Have a happy mothersday


Do you treat yourself from time to time and what is your favourite treat ?

I will be having a give away soon.

So watch out for that.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy to clean

31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way

Sometimes I wish I was some kind of superwoman. That next to taking care of two kids under two and a 6 year old I also would be able to make the whole house spotless by myself every day and still have enough time to spend with the kids and enough time for me.
At the moment we're sharing the house with my husbands cousin so I've assigned a few chores to him and my husband but it doesn't really go so well yet.
And in a way I wish I could do it all by myself. Believe it or not I love cleaning even though there are nicer things to do. But I love having a clean house and it also makes me feel good about myself. At the moment I'm trying to get my house a bit more organised So I'm planning to buy laundry baskets in different colors for everyone to put their laundry in. I'm also looking for ideas to get more house work done. I'm planning to purchase an e-book for motivated moms (I will write about this in a future post) but have also come across this e-book.

31 days to clean.

It's supposed to motivate to clean and has assignmnets to clean and also focuses on getting a cleaner heart.
I'm not sure what to expect and whether I will like the style in which it is written or if it will be helpful at all but it doesn't seem as if you can view inside.
It's only $4,99 so maybe I should just try and purchase it. I love how it says :Having a Martha house the Mary way.

So I probably will get it and if I have and have read it, I will let you know what I think of it. Because maybe all I need is a little bit more motivation.
a little bit more love for cleaning. Maybe I should be even more happy to clean.

Here an inspiring video from her website.

Have you read it and has it helped you ? I'd love to hear from you.

Or join me and purchase it and let me know what you think.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Designed to be a mum

So today Five minute Friday is on again and I'm going to make another attempt to write for five minutes about a subject without editing.

This week it's about

Motherhood should come with....

Go ...

A revelation that every woman is designed to become a mother. So even if we struggle or feel overwhelmed at times, we can rest in the assurance that God has created us with the ability to be the best mother that we can be for our children.
Every woman is created with just the right tools and ingredients that she needs in her job as a mum.
God makes no mistake and He knows that we are more than able to do our job right.
All we need to do is reach within us and we will find what we need : an extra portion of love, patience, flexiblity, strength, creativity and a sense of humour.
All of those things will get us through and we will find that little by little we have turned into the mother that He has planned (and designed) that we should be.

I did it. LOL But... by the grace of God....

Now it's your turn .

Go to the blog from The Gypsy mama to join in and link back to her blog as I've done.

Good luck !

Love ,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What are/wear you wearing today ?

Well, I'm not a fashionista and my wardrobe doesn't represent the latest fashion at all.I rather buy clothes for my girls then something for me actually and after giving birth for the third time I don't fit in a lot of clothes that I own anymore.
So it's time to finally go shopping for myself .
The bigger girls need some clothes as well so we're probably going to head to Penneys this weekend.
One thing that I've seen and am planning to get is a long summer dress with flower print and a short light blue jeans jacket.

A bit like this.

Seems this is a picture from two years ago from Bicole Ritchie LOL
Anyway, I think at least dresses with flowers are in fsashion this spring/summer and I do see people wearing a dress with jacket still.

But anyway, I like the item : what are you wearing today ?

So just for fun .this is what I am wearing ..

Black with white polka dots top borrowed from my mother and she let me keep it.
Black maternity leggings from H& M
Maternity jeans skirt from M2B Mothercare
Lately this is one of my favourite outfits.

I wasn't able to get a good picture though because i only had Ix to help me.
I'm really curious to know.

What are/were you wearing today ?


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter break is over

Yesterday Ixora went back to school after a break of 2 weeks and a day. I wasn't really looking forward to school starting again. But she seemed to be excited when I told her a few days before that she was going back to school
I actually had mixed emotions about it.I liked having her home and doing fun things together, even though we didn't get to do as much outdoors as I had planned.

On the other hand it should be more quiet One less kid to deal with. But she's really not that hard to deal with in the first place. Most of the time at least.

And last night she fell asleep early. A time we would love her to go to bed every day .So I was glad but sad at the same time. Because I missed her a bit.

I've lost my little companion a little bit

Well, it's only for a few houes per day. but still....I'm sure I 'll get used to it again.

Two more months amd then she'll be going on Summer break.
I hope we'll be able to get out more often.

But she's supposed to join in a special programme called Doodle Den and she might do the church kids camp again. And maybe some other camp.
Well as long as she gets to be happy and can learn and enjoy herself there's not much more that I'd want.

Here some pics that were taken during her Easter break.

At the church

On our fun day out

The park

The playground

Face painting at Mc Donalds

Easter at the church

Just a sunny day in the front garden

I hope you had a lovely school break sweetie even though we didn't go to the big park, swoimming pool, movies and the art clas..
I'm sure we will get to do these things in the coming weeks in the weekends.

Love you lots and lots my princess. Hope you're having lots of fun at school.
You're doing so well. Please continue to make me proud...

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