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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter break is over

Yesterday Ixora went back to school after a break of 2 weeks and a day. I wasn't really looking forward to school starting again. But she seemed to be excited when I told her a few days before that she was going back to school
I actually had mixed emotions about it.I liked having her home and doing fun things together, even though we didn't get to do as much outdoors as I had planned.

On the other hand it should be more quiet One less kid to deal with. But she's really not that hard to deal with in the first place. Most of the time at least.

And last night she fell asleep early. A time we would love her to go to bed every day .So I was glad but sad at the same time. Because I missed her a bit.

I've lost my little companion a little bit

Well, it's only for a few houes per day. but still....I'm sure I 'll get used to it again.

Two more months amd then she'll be going on Summer break.
I hope we'll be able to get out more often.

But she's supposed to join in a special programme called Doodle Den and she might do the church kids camp again. And maybe some other camp.
Well as long as she gets to be happy and can learn and enjoy herself there's not much more that I'd want.

Here some pics that were taken during her Easter break.

At the church

On our fun day out

The park

The playground

Face painting at Mc Donalds

Easter at the church

Just a sunny day in the front garden

I hope you had a lovely school break sweetie even though we didn't go to the big park, swoimming pool, movies and the art clas..
I'm sure we will get to do these things in the coming weeks in the weekends.

Love you lots and lots my princess. Hope you're having lots of fun at school.
You're doing so well. Please continue to make me proud...

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