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Friday, May 13, 2011

God knows and sees...

It's Friday again so it's time for Five minute Friday from the Gypsy Mama. Five minutes writing without editing.

So I had another try. Today we're writing about 'Deep breath'

Here we go.

Deep breath,

when I look at all my three children how they seem happy and content at a certain moment in time while just a few moments ago they all seemed to be crying out for me at the same time. A deep breath ,knowing these moments -when all or just one cries and there's nothing that you can do about it right away because you're already taking care of another sibling who needs you - will always pass away in just a little while.

A deep breath, knowing that the Lord is with you and sees you and watches over you and your children.
A deep breath, knowing that they will be alright even if they have to wait a little while and you have to let them cry.

For God knows and sees.

Your every step and every breath ,

also every time you take a deep breat


Well, again I felt time went very fast. Perhaps I have to type a bit faster. LOL

But it was nice to try and join in nevertheless.

Now it's your turn.

Write for five minutes see instructions on the blog of The Gypsy Mama.
When you're done, link back to her blog as I've done.

Good luck and happy blogging.



Gretchen said...

I've been there. Every day these days with a third little one's arrival.

Thanks for sharing...

Mary said...

Great post. I enjoyed your 5 minutes of writing today. ;)

Sabrina said...

Hi! I enjoyed your post. I'm too am so glad for the peace that comes from God amidst the tears and cries of our little girls.

Thanks for visiting my blog too :-)

Meg said...

So true. A nice, deep cleansing breath can work wonders! I find myself doing it do much that sometimes Violet will even imitate me!

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