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Thursday, May 19, 2011

More than just a mum

Becoming a mum of three first only made me feel that I was really a mum more than anything else. I’m learning that to be a better mum you also have to make time for yourself though. Because as fulfilling as the job of a mum might be you’re always something more than just a mum.
And I think that that is something that we as mums should not forget.

I notice that I tend to feel a bit guilty sometimes if I do anything else than taking care of children,cooking and housework. But doing just that does make me feel less happy as well.

On Mothersday I watched the movie Motherhood which is about the struggles of motherhood.
The mum from the movie is also writing blogs in her free moments and is planning to enter into a writing competition which could result in her having her own income. But the story is actually about her planning a party for her daughter who is turning 6. In the end her husband who collects old books hands her over a check of 24000 euro so she can put her toddler son at playschool and buy a dishwasher or something just so she can have more time doing what she loves: writing. Because he realises that she needs a bit more than just being a mum to be happy.
I found the movie a bit boring not as funny as I’d hoped but I liked it that she makes pictures of her kids like I do and writes a blog as well and I got from the movie that you need to have a balance in your life to be happy and fulfilled as a mum and a woman.
So I’m planning to keep trying to be the best mum that I can be and also to try to get to a good balance so I ‘ll be a happy and fulfilled person.

Still for some reason I love the movie. Perhaps because I do recognise so much and because of what I got out of it.

I love what she says at the end:

'Motherhood is accepting limitations of time and energy which stretches beyond yourself, and sometimes it might seem as if it might consume you'

(from the movie 'motherhood')...

It's so recognisable.

Even though, some mothers have a calling to be SAHM's I believe it's always good to make some time for yourself even if it's just a hobby like writing a blog, going to the gym or a ministry in church like singing in the church choir.

So if you have a certain dream to do something,don't give up on it. go for it...

It doesn't make you less than a mum.

And for the rest : Find yourself something that you enjoy apart from children and housework to keep a balance in your life.

You're more than 'just a mum'.

Started as an Avon Business Developer this week to earn money from home.
Ix made this ugly picture of me with my reading glasses. LOL

Love and blessings,

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