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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Missing in Action

My toothbrush has gone missing and I think I know where it is.
Someone took the ‘plug thingy’ out of the sink in the bathroom and there’s a good chance that my beloved toothbrush ended up in there.
I also think that I know who the culprit is. Of course I have no proof but there’s a certain someone in this household who is known for letting items disappear through the bathroom sink and there’s a good chance that she has been busy again.
I haven’t seen it for 3 days now and don’t expect to see it again and if I do, I doubt it will be usable.
Does this mean that I haven’t been brushing my teeth lately? Correct. I haven’t brushed them. Just for the idea probably I used my finger and a whole lot of toothpaste.
But since in the activity of tooth brushing there is an actual brush involved I haven’t really been tooth brushing, no.
So it’s really time to get a new toothbrush now.
I can’t believe that I have to buy another toothbrush again. My last one had disappeared as well and then I purchased this one.

I was planning to write about it after I first tried it, since I was so amazed by its qualities.
The package said that it had a massaging function and so I tried it out and used the brush to massage my gums. It felt wonderful and made me feel good about myself at once.
I felt healthy in a way. I felt great because I was taking proper care of myself, of my teeth to be precise. And I’m actually not someone who goes to dentists etc. (yeah I know really bad) so this really made me feel good and responsible, believe it or not.
It amazes me that a simple thing as a tooth brush can do all of that. LOL

Hmm so I got to try to get another one like this one. And remember to put it in the cupboard every time after I use it. Aaaargh…..

Maybe, I can better buy a few of them…

Just in case…..

Friday, August 12, 2011

Beauty Always

It's five minute froday again. Here's another try. We're writing about beauty.

She was born with beautiful skin, a beautiful creation by God. But she must’ve been two/three months old when her skin started to change. She cried and scratched her face. We put her tiny hands in socks. It was heart breaking to see her cry. Nothing we could do.
Now 6 years later, we’ve passed the nights of waking up crying and scratching. She has used so many creams that her skin has become thin because of it.
And lately her skin is getting worse. We’re considering to relocate so she can have better medical care.
Her skin might still be in poor health but her beauty inside will always remain and one day I’m sure God will give her a beautiful skin again because there is nothing that He cannot do !

Yesterday I talked to my mother on skype. She said that she was worried about Ixora but that we need to keep believing and yes we will.
Gods grace is sufficient. It’s all in His hands and there’s nothing that He cannot do.
She loves princesses, tiara’s and beautiful princess dresses and to us she will always be our little princess.
Good skin or not.

(Ixora last Christmas)

Love you Ixora. May God bless you and heal you completely from every allergy, every eczema, every skin problem in Jesus' name. And may your hair continue to grow and may your life and your story glorify the name of God. Because you were created to glorify His Name !

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No longer an employee

Yesterday I sent a resignation letter to my employer. This means that I will not be returning to work in September as I originally planned.
After I sent the letter I sent messages to two people whom I want to purchase things from for Nevaeh-Divine. LOL
I barely have any money coming in, but I believe that God will provide. Because He promised that He will.
I’m not sure what’s next but I know that it’s going to be good.
We’re thinking of moving back to the Netherlands for a while and so I’m probably going to work again next year.
I’ve seen an advertisement from the same company I work for but than in the Netherlands so I might apply but I don’t want to start straight away.
And we’ll have to look for a house but there are two houses from family which could be an option.
We don’t really want to leave here but there is probably better medical care for Ixora and there are a few other pluses like I can finally try to finish my law study, as my father would’ve liked me to do.
Even though he is no longer with us, I want to make him proud and I know he really wanted me to finish my study.

Also it will be good to be close to family and friends again. It isn’t definite yet, but now that I no longer really work here, the chance is very big that we might move back in a few months.
So we’ll be here for some more months at least. For a moment, I thought ‘oh no I’m unemployed now’ but I had to remind myself that I’m actually self –employed LOL even if I don’t see that much money coming in.(yet)
And oh boy, I am now joining all those other SAHM ‘s (okay rather WAHM’s) something I wanted so much but didn’t believe we could afford. Oh well, I didn’t really have a choice.
My employer couldn’t give me less hours. Not even 4 hours per week less, no parental leave at all, because they have a lack of personnel. And we would then need childcare for all three kids for a couple of hours in the afternoon.
So I didn’t really have a choice, but I believe that we’re going to be alright.
By Gods grace we will. Because He promised to supply in all our needs according to His riches in glory and I’m going to stand upon that promise and have all I need. Amen?
After my additional maternity leave started and I didn’t really have an income anymore, it was quite hard. I wasn’t used to not having money anymore, not being able to buy stuff, bills not paid.
I couldn’t wait to go back to work just to have money, especially because I wanted to buy things for the kids and wanted to be able to do things with them.
Now I’m more used to it. I’m taking it easy now, trusting the Lord.

Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
And now that I’m not going back to work, I’m actually quite happy because if I’m honest I love being a mom and I’d rather have the chance to mother most of the time than to work 40 hours per week. So I’m happy I can do that for at least a few more months.

So what am I planning to purchase now?
Nevaeh is almost 6 months and we’re finally going to start spoon feeding her so I want to get her a bumbo seat with tray. I wanted a bumbo seat ever since Ixora was a baby but I found them much too expensive so I never got one but Nevaeh is already sitting even though she gets tired after a while and can’t sit for long so it would be ideal for her.

This baby reminds me of Nevaeh-Divine a little bit. (apart from the hair)

I can’t wait to start her on solids because she seems so hungry lately. Poor kid.
And then she seems quite bored as well. She grabs everything to try to play with it. So also something I never had for the other kids: I want to get her an activity centre or rather the Graco Fun rock Entertainer.

Well, I hope it works out. I’m buying them second hand of course.
I hope to have them both by next week and that she will really enjoy both of them.
(I will post the rest of my wish list soon.)

Have a great weekend.

Love and blessings,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Car boot sale

I have a baby bath on wheels! Yay!
After hearing from a couple of people how busy the car boot sale at the Tallaght Stadium is, hubby and I decided to give it a go last Saturday.
I had put together a few things which we no longer need and also took some Avon stock with me.
We arrived there before 8 o’clock and there were already people roaming around in search for bargains. They came straight to our car after we parked it, curious to know what we had to offer.
I hardly got the chance to unpack. It was really a bit crazy and funny.
Later on it was less busy. It lasted until 1 pm which was a quite a long time and I must admit that it is quite busy and even though we didn’t sell a lot, it was much more than I ever did. We must’ve sold about 65 euro.
I also got a few representative leads, which is why I started doing markets at the first place.
We sold more AVON than our own stuff.
Especially the perfumes and the fragranced deodorant rollers went quite well and then some other things like watches, hand creams and a manicure set.
There were people with crazy offers which I couldn’t agree with. There’s no way I would sell AVON stuff below the price that I purchase them but I did make a few deals with customers just as long as I didn’t really lose money on it.
There was one Bench watch though I had for some time and that one I really went below the price I bought it but that was because I just wanted it to go since no one was using it.
I was really excited to go to the Car boot Sale at the Tallaght Stadium, also because I hoped I would find lots of things that I have on my wish list.
We ended up getting a few toys for the kids. And I got a blouse for 50 cents. I asked hubby to check out the price for a castle I saw and he came back with the castle and a whole pony collection .So the kids have nothing to complain. (Ixora is currently playing with the pony’s)
I found a lovely skirt for Ixora and a set of Disney books. The skirt for 1,50 and the books 6 for 1 euro.
And then my biggest bargain and an item of my wish list : a bath on wheels for Nevaeh-Divine.
It’s a changing unit with storage at the same time but really light so it will be easy to get it in and out the bathroom. God is good ! I ended up paying 10 euro for it.
I can’t wait to use it. Since we don’t have a bathtub in this house I really needed a second bath as I prefer not to bathe the baby in the same bath as my bigger girls.

Now still a few more items to go. Hopefully Nevaeh’s child benefit application will be approved soon.

Because she wasn’t born here it took some time before I could apply and then they apparently lost the form and I needed to apply again.
So hopefully that is settled soon and that we’ll also get the payments for the past months.
Since I’m not really working lately (I’m not getting much out of my AVON business yet) I really need it to get some stuff for Nevaeh and the other kids.
But for now I can’t complain with getting one thing of my list. Yay !
I hope we’ll have lots of fun with it.
I just got to put it together now.
I hope there are no missing parts…..God please…

My camera is broken snd I don't know how to get images from our handycam on my laptop yet, so I searched for a picture online.

It looks like this one a bit

but is actually a Babylo so as this one but then with blue accesories like the one above.

I'm so happy with it. It's really a bargain looking at the price it normally would cost. Glory to God ! He knows just how to provide in our needs and gives us the wishes of our hearts.


Friday, August 5, 2011

He makes me Whole

It's been a while but today I decided to join The Gypsy Mama again, writing for five minutes without editing, just whatever comes up.

Today we're writing about ; Whole.

Here it goes.


Is a word which immediately makes me think of God as there is nothing and no one in the world that can make me whole the way He can.
He is my creator, He knows me deep within. He knows my flaws, my weaknesses and my strengths. He knows what to do to make me complete, to make me grow and excell above my own expectations.
By trusting Him and allowing Him to lead me always, I become that complete person, whom He has destined me to be.
I am apart of Him. He breathes His life in to me, moulding me each time to look more like Him. He is the gentle Friend, the Lover of my soul, the One who makes me whole.
He knows just what I need and will never stop to heal me, to deliver me, to nourish my soul.


Would you like to join too ?

Just follow the below rules.

1Write your words without editing them.
2Tell your readers you’re linking up at The Gypsy Mama and invite them to come and share their unedited stories too.
3And most importantly, go visit, read, and compliment the person who shared right
before you.

Linking to The Gypsy Mama now.

Love and blessings,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trying to find the balance

So I think it’s time for an update. After writing the last post my next thought was: I just need to have a better balance.
For some reason the nanny thing never worked out and I’ve given up on it for now. But we still have a cleaning lady who comes to clean now and then,(once a week or every other week) but she is on a holiday at the moment.
And I’ve decided to put family first as much as possible. So now I have days where I do nothing for my business or almost nothing, especially the weekends and then Tuesday and Friday as little as possible. `I can't say that it works perfectly but it is starting to work a bit better.
I still appreciate having a home business as you can choose your own hours and you are your own boss. You can put in as much or as little effort as you like and you can put your family first.
Now when a rep calls on Friday and asks if I can go by on Saturday, I say No but I can come on Monday. I think this is really an improvement. I don’t feel consumed by my business anymore.
I work mainly mornings when my husband is home and after that it’s cleaning, cooking and spending time with the children. Only some days there is still some admin work to do.
Still I need to work more on having a good balance, time management and routine but I’m feeling better about it now. Thank God!

Last week my oldest daughter and I made a chore list together. It’s wonderful because she likes the idea and it is useful help for me. She earned one hour extra tv time, an ice lolly and two sweets by doing 5 chores. She helped to clean the living and dining room, put toys in the toy box, put shoes in the hall and tidied up there, helped with the dishes and cleaned the tables. I hope we’ll keep this going. I’m really happy with it.

Still life is quite busy. I would love to have enough time to do things for God, have time for my family, earn money and still have enough time to do the things that I like like writing in my blog, scrapbooking etc. and really enjoy life. I’d love to have time for cute home projects like planting etc. Somehow I'm sure I'm going to get there. I just have to try to plan better.

And talking about doing things for God. I miss being in the praise and worship ministry in church, I miss leading the worship and teaching in the cell group but one Sunday I ended up doing kids ministry. We were a bit late and they didn’t have a lot of leaders and when I went in with Yovannah a boy stretched his arms out to me and I picked him up.
They said that they were planning to let parents stay with their kid when they came from a certain time and when I asked if I should stay they said ‘if you want to’.
But kids were crying and it seemed to be a lot to handle for the two leaders that were there vat the time so I decided to help out. Later another leader came.
It was a nice experience so I might volunteer to help out more often. A few kids somehow came to me and one leader said that I’m a natural. LOL
I will pray about it and will try to find a balance with everything else that I want to and need to do.
And by Gods grace, I know I will find it.

About earning money: the best way is by doing something that you absolutely love and that really fits you and fits well in your life.
I love to watch Kimora Lee, Life in the fab line. I like it mostly because of the parts with her kids. But I hope to become a fashion designer one day too. But mostly for kids clothes. But there is so much more that I like to do.
And right now it’s just about making the right choices. So I’m happy that I don’t have to choose alone. Because God knows it all and He sees the whole picture. He knows which step is best.
So I need to stay as close to God as possible and open to hear His voice so He can lead me to take the right steps.
Do you have dreams for the future? What are they?
Let’s not give up on them. They will come true …one day…..

Have a great weekend and Gods richest blessings….
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