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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Health and Beauty week: Five a day

Since I didn't write a post about health and beauty last week I've planned to make this into a Health and Beauty week.

This means that I will write at least three posts this week about health and beauty.
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Below the first post.

Five a day

I am lucky to be blessed with a daughter who really loves fruit.
Though her big sisters aren’t that much into fruit Nevaeh just loves it.
She even asks for it when she sees it.
She loves grapes the most but she also loves oranges, nectarines, pears, bananas and apples and probably other fruit if you would give it to her. I absolutely love it.
Because as a mum you ofcourse want to feed your kids as well as possible and one of the most important foods are vegetables and fruits.

So a while ago I found this apple slicer in a shop. It’s so really handy to get apple parts. It really takes less time.

(Sorry the pic is missing because my camera broke) I’m also loving the Aldi Super 5 from the past weeks as they have apples and banana’s(and pears and kiwi's) on sale for an amazing 59 cts a pack.
They started this two weeks ago as a Back to School deal I suppose. I so much wanted to stock up so I feel so blessed that they still had the offer the past week. Yay!

I got a couple of packs so I have them for school. Apples stay well for awhile and banana’s go very quick in this house. I eat fruit quite a lot as an alternative to cookies and sweets.

And apple is the only fruit that daughter 1 likes so she gets one for school every day. Daughter 2 likes banana’s and takes one of those to school every day.
DH loves banana’s too and can eat of those per day.
So I’m grateful to the ALDI for making it a bit easier to feed my family well these coming weeks.

Glory to God!

What have you planned for this week around this theme ?
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