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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TUBE TUESDAY; Summer to Fall (Wardrobe) Transition

What are you wearing today? Is it a summer dress or a sweater ? What we’re wearing is mostly depending on the weather of the place where we are in the world.
Apparently, it’s still Summer weather in some parts of Europe but unfortunately that is certainly not the case here in Ireland. Little by little we will have to accept that the Summer really is coming to an end.
Isn’t that thing called weather a bit strange though ?
Seriously, doesn’t it keep surprising you?

One day it can be really cold and then the next day it’s like a Summer day again or the other way around.
Here in Ireland there have been a few days last month that it kept going from Summer with lots of sunshine to rainy and then back and then back again in one single day.

At the end of August when the school started we had a lovely sunny day and then extremely cold and dark weather and I thought the Summer is now really over but the day after it was really sunny summer weather again which led us to having a great time in the Corkagh park , read here about it.
Then we had some good days and last Saturday a very sunny and hot day without clouds in the sky. So we got the kids a pool to cool off so we didn’t have to drive to the beach. The kids had sat in the warm car for some time since we had to run some errands so they had a blast in the pool with just a little bit off water. They had so much fun, jumping and splashing around. It wasn't easy to take pictures as they went so fast.

Then the weather slowly started to get less summery. The next day was still sunny but with clouds so it was getting chillier and when the kids went in the pool at the end of the day I really had to fill it with hot water so they could sit in it and play.

Yesterday it was dark and rainy at times and ofcourse it had to rain when I collected Ix from school and I had no umbrella but I luckily I had a rain coat for her. So I was really soaked when I got back home. But I was thinking, at least it’s not cold.

And then today, dark again in the morning and it felt really cold. So I put on a jumper today with my favourite jeans with belt -see here- and I put on my winter coat and warm boots.
I felt nice and warm on my way to the school to collect Ixora but when I arrived there the sun was shining so brightly that I was really was getting hot in my warm clothes. LOL
So I had to open up my coat and finally took it off when we were in the front yard, realising that it hadn’t been necessary to wear a coat.
And then when I got in the house even the jumper got too hot. LOL Though this was probably also because of the fact that I had been walking. As I’m writing the sun seems to have disappeared again and the cold is coming back. So the jumper is back on. So I guess , the weather tricked me again today.

Anyway, today I wanted to share a video from youtube and the above was the introduction.
I’ve decided to call today TUBE TUESDAY for Tuesdays on which I will share youtube video’s that I like.
So one of the vloggers that I follow is Tiffany and below is her latest video about Summer to to Fall Wardrobe transition.

She normally has longer video’s with more tips so check out her channel and blog. The ideas she mentioned I was already using a lot for my kids, especially these last days I’ve been matching summer shirts with cardigans and so on. Because you're just not sure how the weather will be and they can still wear lovely Summer items that way.

Here is one of my princesses Yovannah with a typical Summer to fall transition look. A summer dress with a cardigan and tights and boots.

I’m not sure if I’m doing it for myself that often, though.

What do you wear in the transition to fall? What is your favourite look?
I will try to put a look together to share next time and will try to wear something with a cardigan tomorrow and share.

Weather : Cold, dry with sunny spells.

Have a great day sunny or rainy, hot or cold.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it.

Love and blessings,

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