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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

(A bit) Wordless Wednesday : Fun in the park

So this is what we've been up to last weekend.

After having a cold Friday, the Summer seemed to have returned on Saturday and we took the opportunity to finally go to Corkagh Park, to drive the small ones around in their smart trikes and so Ix could go on her flicker and/or learn to ride her bike.

We went back on Sunday but for a shorter time.

Here are a few pics from what we did and saw.

Saturday (I took a lot of pics and these are a couple of them )

Sunday (just a few pics.)

It's so big there and when we realised that the car park was going to close we couldn't all make it back to the car on time. So the gate was locked when we finally were ready to drive away but a nice ranger opened it for us a while later ... sigh....

Overall we had a lot of fun those two days in Corkagh park. It's really like a paradise in there and the weather was just awesome.

I loved it...and the rest of the family did too....

Thank You Lord for blessing us with an awesome time. Glory to Your Name !


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