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Friday, June 28, 2013

Through her eyes

This post is inspired by the topic View from the Five minute Friday series from Lisa Jo Baker.
 I wrote the post back then but never published it. When I join in with Five Minute Friday I never write a lot of words in those five minutes but this one is really short somehow.

She is playing with a toy house.

 She is holding it in her hands and then she lifts it up.

She is looking through one of the doors and says:

‘Mummy, I can see you….’ I reply : ‘I can see you too baby.’

She repeats it a few times and I answer back every time.

I love this moment in time. This moment that she chooses to interact with me.

Even though I’m on the laptop she draws me in and gets me to respond.

With her sunny personality she draws me into her little world and helps me to see things from her point of view. 

It’s like I can imagine being her, looking through that little door and looking to see me.


Come back later for another Five minute Friday post on todays topic 'In between'

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