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Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday Kids; Tutu's and animal print

My littlest of little girls is a little fashionista. She knows what she wants and sometimes when I pick something out for her to wear, she walks to the closet, opens the door and then stands in front of it to choose another outfit for the day. She loves skirts and dresses. As mentioned in another post she often doesn’t want to wear anything else and calls most skirts and dresses ‘ballerina’.
Her favourite skirts are the tutu’s.

When I had to choose an outfit for her 2nd birthday in February, I looked online on the website of H&M and found a cute dress with animal print. I decided to get it in the shop and make up an outfit by adding a pink tutu to it. I loved it and she loved it as well.

The birthday outfit

In the new class room for 2-3 year olds in church

With big sisters in the church lounge

Playing with new toys
Because I love animal prints and she loved the tutu so much I couldn’t resist an outfit I found on Zulily. The biggest size that they had left was a 24 months and I guess it is a bit small fitting or Nevaeh is just a bit big so it is a bit on the small side but she loves this outfit and whenever she sees this skirt, she wants to put it on straight away.
This skirt is a different type. Quite short and came with leggings. I love the pink shiny ribbons on the top.
Trying out the brandnew outfit

From the back
She loves tutu’s so much that she even wants to sleep in them sometimes. So I might try to make up a pj with a tutu on it. I actually got a tutu on a carboot sale which she is allowed to wear at home and sleep in. 
I’m looking for more second hand tutu’s so she has a few to wear at home.

Because of Nevaehs love for tutu’s I was very interested when I saw this cute swimsuit with tutu on the blog Pillow thought.I googled some and found a similar one online. I think that they are really gorgeous.

Found on

Hopefully they are shipping to Ireland as well and then my little girl can be happy wearing a swimsuit with tutu or I’ll have to try and make my own version one day.

What do you think of tutu’s ? Do you have a little fashionista as well ? Or actually just a kid who knows what he/she likes and wants to wear ?


Dress and skirt from H&M
Zulily oufit from POPATU.


Maud said...

My now-4-year-old spent most of last autumn and winter wearing a tutu of one type or another (with leggings underneath, of course). She had one that I'd bought on sale, and got one as a party favour. That was such a success that I asked the host where the tutus had come from and got some more for my daughter's party, and then bought her a big froofy one for Christmas, so now she has four! She's mostly over the tutu stage now, but still prefers skirts and won't wear jeans or shorts at all. I got the cheap tutus here: Not sure if they ship to Ireland, but they're great value and have tons of cute stuff.

Chan said...

Hey Maud, thanks for stopping by and commenting. How nice to hear about your daughter. Thanks so much for the link. I will have a look at it for sure. I hope you'll come back here again.

Tati said...

She wants to sleep in her tutu, that is so cute. They are truly a gift from God. Visiting from Mommy Monday Blog Hop. Will also be following on Networked blogs, Bloglovin. Thanks for sharing.

Chan said...

Hi Tati, thanks for stopping by, commenting and following. They are certainly a gift from God ! Come back soon.

Lisa Nelson said...


She is so very sweet. My daughter loves everything pink and everything fluffy. I'm not showing this to her.

my daughter won't wear anything she doesn't want to wear (as she shouldn't) and there are definitely clothing seasons - where she wears the same thing over and over.

Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up with us at the Mommy Monday Blog Hop. We love that you took the time to link up and hope you will link up again on Monday.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Lisa Nelson said...

Oh yea, I am now following you on Bloglovin and networked blogs!

If you have a twitter or facebook account, please let me know.

Chan said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for stopping by, commenting and following. I've been offline for a few days. I loved to hear about your daughter. I will link up again soon.

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