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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Testimony Thursday: When God steps in.

Last week on Friday was the last day of school. The evening before, we had gone to the Carboot sale, to see if we could find some items for the bedrooms for the girls, because we are doing their rooms at the moment.
I had said: 'we are not getting any soft toys', since you can always get those quite cheap and they keep getting these and they already have a lot of them.
Still, while we were looking around in the rain, my 8 year old, Ixora, found a puppy that she wanted to have and I decided to let her get it, because she really seemed to want it.

So when I collected Ixora from school she had the puppy in her hand. Apparently, she had taken it to school with her to show her friends. While we were walking to the car, one of the boys from her class dropped a bunch of school books that he was holding in his hands, on the floor. He didn’t bring a school bag on the last school day and he had a ball with him. His mother had his toddler brother on her arm and said : 'I can’t help you.' So I decided to pick up his books and walk with them to their car.
They were very grateful. While I was picking up books, Ixora got a few books as well and she walked with me to the car, where we handed the books to the boy. Then we walked back to our car.
Ixora’s dad drove off even though she was asking him to wait. Only later we found out why. Her puppy was missing, even though she claimed that she had it in her hand when she stepped in the car. Her dad said that he didn’t see her with it. She was silently sitting in the back of the car, tears falling on her face and it broke my heart when I saw her like that.

We were on our way to town to exchange a tablet that stopped working and as soon as we parked the car, Ixora and I searched the car all over. But the puppy was no where to be found.
I concluded that she must’ve dropped it when she stepped in to the car if she really still had it in her hands when we arrived at the car. She was so sad. I told her to pray and ask God to find it again.
So we went back to the street of school to look if we could find it. I said a quick prayer : 'God if it’s Your will, please let us find the soft toy back.' When we arrived at the street of the school there was no puppy to be found on the street. I looked around but if the puppy had fallen there, it was now gone. If it really wasn't in the car, then it must've fallen in the street and someone else had picked up. So we drove back home and searched the car again over and over. Ixora was heart broken. She kept crying and I could see how heartbroken she was from the way she was breathing.
One of the hardest things about motherhood is that apart from sharing in the joy of your children you get to share in their pain as well, sometimes so strongly as if it is your own pain. I tried to deny it and to think : it’s not my puppy that’s lost. But I identified with her so much. My heart broke and I decided to pray a different prayer. I ‘ve been in situations before where I can’t find something and then I call out to God in faith with all my heart and then He shows me how graceful, how good , how loving and how faithful He is and then I find it back.
This time it wasn’t really for me, but it was for my child whom I love. I felt helpless, since I couldn’t bring her puppy back and I also couldn’t do anything to comfort her even though I tried. (She just got a brand new tablet but she didn’t seem to care) And my heart broke because she was so sad. All I could to do was pray.
And so I did. I really prayed in faith this time.
I asked God to let us find the puppy back. I asked Him to glorify Himself and to show Ixora how good and faithful He is and that He is a God Who answers prayers.
Then I asked her to come with me to the school and we walked together and I prayed together with her that God would let us find the puppy back. We weren’t really sure if there would be anyone left at the school but we went anyway. The side door was open and we walked in, past her old class room where her teacher was sitting –but she didn’t notice us- and we went in to the office. There was no one. I also didn’t see a puppy on the desk and told Ixora maybe someone from your class found it and will give it back when school starts again.
We stood there for awhile and then someone came in and we told her the story. She said that it hadn’t been handed in but maybe Ixora could look in her class room and I said 'I don’t think that it is there.' Then she asked Ixora ‘Do you want to go look in your class room? It hasn’t been handed in here.’

Ixora said ‘yes and even though I didn’t think it could be there, we went anyway.
The teacher looked up when we stopped at the door and said Hello.‘Ixora lost her toy,’ I explained. And then she said :’ Oh’, and she seemed to remember something. She reached for something while she said ;’Someone handed this in ‘ And there in her hand …..was the puppy.  Glory to God !!

I knew we would find it but I didn’t know it would be found on the same day and in her class room.  God is good ! He really glorified Himself. I was glad that He helped me to teach my oldest daughter that He is faithful and that He answers prayers. I was happy to have my daughter smiling again and rejoicing about the end of school year. I pointed out Gods goodness and faithfulness to her and how much He deserves that we give Him our best. And we glorified, thanked and praised God for what He had done.

 Do you have a testimony to share this week ?

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Be blessed ! And don't forget: God is a God Who answers prayers, even the smaller requests. 
Trust Him and He won't let you down.

Increase our faith Lord and glorify Yourself . Glory to Your Most High Name !

Love and blessings,


Kimberly said...

Beautiful testimony! God has a way of testing our faith in him.


Chan said...

Hi Kimberly. Thank you. He sure has ! Thanks for stopping by and commenting . Come back soon !

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