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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mummy points; Bedtime routine

It’s time for mommy kudo’s again as my lovely co-blogger Meg called it last week. At the end of the week I’m sharing things that I’ve been doing well as a mother to encourage myself as a mum and I hope that you want to join in too. We all need some encouragement as mums and it’s good to give yourself a pat on the back from time to time.

So here is my contribution for this week.

This week my oldest kids went back to school so I tried to work on their bedtimes and bedtime routines. Someone had been messing with the toothbrushes -read this post- so we got a couple of new kiddie toothbrushes at DEALZ and new kiddie toothpaste. I didn’t manage to get their bedtimes the way I wanted but I’m glad that I got them to listen and participate in the bedtime routine when it comes to tooth brushing. Nevaeh has had a lot of trouble with it but she’s doing great now. She never liked it if I helped her brush but yesterday she asked: ‘will you help me?’ and that was so great to hear. Such a major improvement from the time that she kept running away when I wanted to brush her teeth and I had to hold her under my arm to keep her in place so I could brush her teeth. She stands still now and waits patiently until I finish brushing her teeth. I’m so glad with that. God is good ! It’s also great to see them all together at the sink, brushing their teeth. Yay !

This week I’m going to get back to using the charts we got from the dentist and make sure that they get stickers every night which will keep them motivated. I will continue to work on their bedtime routine and hopefully they will able to fall asleep quicker this week. They will be getting in a routine to wake up earlier so hopefully will get tired earlier as well.

I’m also happy with the fact (and a bit proud of myself) that I’ve now survived four weeks of single parenting.-read here-  It hasn’t always been easy but I managed by the grace of God and I managed to take care of my kids on my own and to get them to school on time and collect them on time this week. Yay ! It’s all by the grace of God and I will continue looking up to Him for help and He has promised to take care of us so I know that He will. Thank You Lord !

Finally, if you read the ‘We’re back to school’ post you have read that I didn’t really count on spending so much on books this week. I am very astonished when I hear that some schools have book rental schemes or only need 15 euro for books. Well, when Ixora started school she didn’t need to buy any books but that was another school where they also provided lunch and there was no school fee. It really depends on the school. I guess our contribution fee is maybe lower than some other schools. Anyway, so we had less to spend this week. And I thank the Lord for giving me flexibility and keeping me in peace. I just tried to make things to eat from the things that we have in the house and today we decided to bake something with the flour in the cupboard that had been sitting there for awhile. I’m not really a baker so we just did something. Ixora decided she wanted to use some chocolate powder with the flour and we made balls and some went in a pan with oil and most in the oven and I made some kind of scones with the rest of the flour. I loved the scones and ate them with a bit of jam. Yummy ! I think that we really have to bake more often and then use a real recipe next time. Because I really loved doing this. I loved making something good and tasty for the kids and I from scratch. (and I loved doing this with Ixora as well) So I’m glad and feel good about it that I‘ve not really been worrying but have been making it work. And I will do so until the next payment comes in next week.- by the grace of God-

Now it’s your turn again…

Here are a few questions to give you an idea on what you can share. (You don’t have to answer all the questions)

What have you done this (past) week that you are proud of ?

Which changes are you working on in your household ?

What can you encourage yourself with about this week?

What can you share to pat yourself on the back ?

Write a blog post and leave the link in the comments. Or just write in the comments something that you want to share.

Thanks for all who commented last week. I hope you will join in again this week.

Read last weeks post here.

Let’s do this together. Let’s work together on -little by little- becoming more of the mums that we would like to be. Let’s rejoice in our small (or big) victories together.
After all, we're all 'super mummies in the making'.

Love and blessings,

Friday, August 30, 2013

Missing in action 2

My kids really love the bathroom- too much. You seriously can’t trust them on their own to just go in and use the potty, wash their hands and then go out again. Especially the smallest. She can spend ages in the bathroom and unfortunately I end up with a wet bathroom floor again and again if I don’t keep an eye on her and her sister. They  are really partners in crime.  And they make toothbrushes disappear to somewhere: a place of which I don’t know if I want to find them back and use them again,
So a few days ago I found myself in the exact same situation I was in two years ago. My toothbrush was missing. And yes I learned from then to put my toothbrush up on a shelf in the medicine cabinet but I guess sometimes I forget to do that. So we went to DEALZ last week to get new toothbrushes and some other stuff and what did I find there for 1,49 ? The exact same toothbrush that I wrote a post about the last time that this happened.

So I decided just to post the same old post again as most of you probably haven’t read anyway. I just made a small edit to it. So I have the same toothbrush now that I lost back then and which I described in this post. It’s even the same colour!

So here it goes …

My toothbrush has gone missing and I think I know where it is. Someone took the ‘plug thingy’ out of the sink in the bathroom and there’s a good chance that my beloved toothbrush ended up in there. I also think that I know who the culprit is. Of course I have no proof but there’s a certain someone in this household who is known for letting items disappear through the bathroom sink and there’s a good chance that she has been busy again. I haven’t seen it for 3 days now and don’t expect to see it again and if I do, I doubt it will be usable. Does this mean that I haven’t been brushing my teeth lately? Correct. I haven’t brushed them. Just for the idea probably I used my finger and a whole lot of toothpaste. But since in the activity of tooth brushing there is an actual brush involved I haven’t really been tooth brushing, no. So it’s really time to get a new toothbrush now. I can’t believe that I have to buy another toothbrush again. My last one had disappeared as well and then I purchased this one.

I was planning to write about it after I first tried it, since I was so amazed by its qualities. The package said that it had a massaging function and so I tried it out and used the brush to massage my gums. It felt wonderful and made me feel good about myself at once. I felt healthy in a way. I felt great because I was taking proper care of myself, of my teeth to be precise. And I’m actually not someone who regularly goes to dentists etc. (yeah I know really bad) so this really made me feel good and responsible, believe it or not. It amazes me that a simple thing as a tooth brush can do all of that. LOL

Hmm so I got to try to get another one like this one. And remember to put it in the cupboard every time after I use it, where it will be safe from tiny hands who want to play with it. Or maybe, I can better buy a few of them…

Just in case…..

I never bought that toothbrush again until now. And maybe I actually need to get a few spare ones since they are only 1,49 anyway. I really love shopping at DEALZ. They are so cheap and have a lot of stuff.
I will do a DEALZ haul post soon.

Have a great weekend.

Love and blessings,

Thursday, August 29, 2013

We're back to school

I had a little run today. In the lovely sunshine, behind a stroller and on purple flip flops. It was Yovannahs first day today in ‘big school’ and her school had decided to only let them go in for 1,5 hours today. And I thought I would have enough time to run a small errand. But before you know it, it was time to collect her again and I didn’t want to be too late on the first day. So I walked extra fast and had a little jog from time to time. It wasn’t very pleasant on flip flops and while I was rushing to school I was thinking: I should’ve stayed home and cleaned the house instead in that 1,5 hour. But the running paid off. We (Nevaeh and I) arrived 5 minutes early. With a sweaty face (that would be me) but hey, we made it. Yay !

So today was Yovannahs first school day in 'big school' and that made it a happy day. Even though I had a lot of trouble getting the whole crew in bed last night and didn’t keep my cool about it, Yovannah was very easy in the morning. She must’ve been excited to go to school. I felt really excited and happy too while I was getting her ready. The ties with elastic were sold out so I bought a real tie for her instead so this morning I had to watch instructions on youtube to help me tie the small tie around her neck. It kind of worked. Don't you think ?

I took a lot of pictures and she was in a great mood and even walked to school, which is something that is very unique for her but which she hopefully will do more and more.

When she got into the class she went to sit at a table and started to play with wooden blocks and some toys straight away. 

Playing in the new classroom

I stayed for a while and then said goodbye to her. Nevaeh was playing with her and she didn’t really want to leave but I told her that we were going somewhere else and she was fine with it. I am so relieved that she was okay with not getting to go to school. She ‘s been asking for it since last year and sometimes cried when her sisters went to school. She also told me yesterday that she wants to go to 'big school' too. But I told her that she is too small but that she will go to another school soon. I'm supposed to start college in a few weeks and am planning to put her on a Montessori when I start.

Nevaeh is playing with Yovannah in her new classroom

I went away happy, proud of my little girl who started big school today. In the hall I saw another mum in tears. Even though I’m a quite emotional person, I guess I’m not that kind of mum. This is a serious milestone and that really gives me joy and makes me feel really proud !!
But I can imagine that you can really miss your children or just get so emotional about such a first day.

Excited and happy

Yovannah in the line before school

When I went to collect Yovannah, she didn’t seem to be in a very good mood. She refused to stand in the line with the other children and didn’t want to walk home. So baby sister dear was practically kicked out of her buggy so the little princess could be pushed home. Nevaeh luckily was fine with walking. Yovannah was disappointed that her friend wasn’t there. I asked the teacher before the school  started, if her friend was meant to be in that class too but she wasn’t on her list so unfortunately she won’t have her best mate with her this school year. But the teacher said that both classes do a lot together so they will see each other. None of Yovannahs friends are in her class, even though there are a few in her class who used to be in the playgroup which she attended last year but whom she isn’t really friends with. I guess that that’s my only concern. She is not a very social child, I think. The playgroup leaders from last year said that she played alone if her friend wasn’t in. I was happy that by the end of the school year she seemed to have made some more friends. This is one of the reasons I was happy to keep her at this school. It would've been nice for her because she already had friends there. And now they are all not in her class. Well, let’s hope it works out, even though I still might have to move her from this school when I start college.
After school we went to the bookshop with two lists full of books.(from Yovannah and Ixora) A while later we left the shop 169 euro poorer. I know that these books can be expensive but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be that much this year. Oh well…we'll just be eating a bit less this week. haha no,seriously...we'll just have to cut a bit on a few other things. I guess it's for a good cause, the education for the kids. And I guess we got some help with the Back to School allowance of 200 euro we received this year, even though that it is actually supposed to help with clothing and footwear. And we'll have to pay the school fees next week. We'll be fine by the grace of God.

The 'smallies' behaved themselves quite well today when we were out and about. Praise God! I got them a Peppa Pig dvd and we made a short stop at the Mc Donalds for a hamburger and nuggets. It really helps to promise them things like this to distract them from other things that they want to do or have and it helps them behave better.

I hope that Yovannah will grow to love it in the big school. I’m worried about the mood change after school today. I guess that she also has to get used to a totally different school curriculum. No more playing all day (or a lot of the day). She has been looking forward to getting back to school for awhile, telling me; ‘I want to go to school’. And every time we (Ixora and I) had to explain that the school was closed and that she couldn’t go. So I just hope that she will enjoy it soon….

Ixora started in third class today and is happy to be back with all the same kids as the last two years in which she has been going to this school.

Ixora after school

We only had to get used to the fact that she needs to line up at the other side of the school now. She couldn't find the line she needed, before school and I was waiting at the wrong place to collect her. But for the rest, she had a good first day. She is very social and I have no concerns about her at all.
Praise God ! She is delighted that she now has books to take to school.

Yovannah and Ixora, mummy is so proud of you. Have a great school year and lots of luck this year.

Did your children start school as well ? Are they enjoying themselves? Do you have any concerns?

I'm wishing you and your kids a great school year 2013/2014 !

Love and blessings,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A toddler bedroom tour: Peppa pig room

I never really had baby rooms for my babies. So after we brought Nevaeh home, she had a little corner in my room. She had her crib, a changing unit and closet in my bedroom with her clothes in it and a nappy stacker on the door. But I always planned on getting her, her own bedroom one day.
I saw video’s on youtube of baby rooms in the bird theme and fell in love with that theme. I loved the Pottery Barn theme and wanted to give her a room with birds and owls, a little bit like in that theme. So I started shopping last year and thinking of ideas for her room. I never really got to making that room though. Apart from hanging up a frame or two, it always stayed a plan.

This Summer Yovannah got her own Hello Kitty room for her birthday and afterwards we also did the other bedrooms. Nevaeh and Yovannah are really close and they both love Peppa Pig a lot. And Nevaeh now loves Peppa pig a bit more than Yovannah does. So when we asked her what kind of room she wanted she said a Peppa pig room.
So even though I still hoped to be able to get the bird theme that I had planned, I wanted to give Nevaeh what she wanted since she was so now old enough to decide and she was sure about what she wanted.

When decorating it though, I realised that I easily could combine the themes a little bit so I could still use the things that I bought already. I just hoped that she would love the bird themed thing as well. And to my surprise she did ! So she ended up getting a Peppa pig room with a touch of bird theme and even a little of this and that. (Minnie mouse, Disney Princess and an allacorn )

We actually don’t have a lot of Peppa pig in it at the moment. Just here and there some of it. I’m still planning to get her Peppa pig curtains and bedding one day.
I love how it turned out even though I originally had a lot of other ideas for it, things in the bird theme that I would make myself.
It is a very colourful room and one of my favourite rooms in my house.

I hope that you like it too. So here is a little tour of the bedroom of Nevaeh- Divine.

On the left wall, a Peppa pig border I bought on adverts .ie for 8 euro. Later I found out that similar borders are for sale in B&Q.

 On the wall is a picture of Nevaeh,( the frame is from Lidl,) her Peppa pig bag (from the carboot sale) and a onesie that I decorated for her on her baby welcoming party.

At the window, there is a book case with some books and a few things on it. The painting in the pink frame on the right, I made myself with the computer program Paint.

The little picnic set (already ruined by the kids) is from Sasse and Belle, bought online on Zulily.

On the right side is her closet. The Minnie mouse tutu dress that she was wearing on her first birthday is hanging on the door. This was bought in an etsy shop: SCbydesign.

At the left of the door there are hooks bought on Zulily. They are from Sass and Belle.
On the hooks her tutu outfit from Papatou  bought on Zulily, Read more and see more pics from this outfit in this post.

At the right of the door a picture frame thing from Sass and Belle, also bought on Zulily.
Under the dress is a blackboard sticker bought in a local shop. 


In this corner on a chest of drawers is a Minnie Mouse, bought on the carboot sale.

The right wall:
Peppa pig foam stickers bought in B&Q.
And some smaller stickers from a Peppa Pig magazine and a picture from Nevaeh.

On the floor Disney princess organizer bought in Woodies (few years ago) with her play house (from Smyths) on it and a  Peppa Pig toy dressing table bought on

In the corner; her chest of drawers from IKEA bought on adverts. ie On it a Disney Princess tv.(bought on carboot sale) At the right, more hooks in bird theme from Sasse and Belle, bought on Zulily. 

Her bed.

She currently has a double bed so I can lie next to her. We will probably change this eventually to a toddler bed or single bed. I found bedding in bird theme in Heatons and she has a Peppa Pig
 and George Pig and birds etc from the carboot sale and a Peppa pig pillow from B&Q.on her bed.

She also has a lamp shade from Peppa pig and now a Peppa pig piggy bank but I will show these in an updated room tour in the future. The lamp shade is from Woodies.
The Peppa pig piggy bank was bought on the car boot sale in Tallaght Stadium, where we often shop for second hand treasures.

I hope that you enjoyed Nevaehs bedroom tour. She loves her own bedroom and that makes my mummy heart glad.

What kind of bedroom does your child have ?

I would love to hear from you.

Love and blessings,

Have you heard about Zulily before ? Zulily is a website especially for mums and kids where you can buy a lot of cool stuff from different brands with high discounts. You can register through this link.
 (This link is from the UK website. For Zulily in US, go to Zulily.)

Disclaimer : I am not in anyway compensated for writing this post, but if you register for Zulily via the above link and place an order, I am entitled to receive free store credit for the referral.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mummy points : Breakfast time

We mums, could all use some encouragement from time to time.
We are often looking at ourselves and then coming to the conclusion that we are not yet the mums that we want to be.
I’m one of those mums. There is so much that I want to improve and I remember when I only had my oldest daughter and I was writing in my private online diary.
Every time that I felt that I did something good mummy wise, I’d give myself ‘mummy points’ to encourage myself. To make me feel good about myself, to show to myself that I’m not doing such a bad job.
I think it is a good thing to give yourself a pat on the back from time to time. And for awhile now I’ve been thinking of doing that on my blog. To create a place where we can all come together and share our accomplishments big and small for the week. Not to brag but to share how we have improved in areas where we wanted to improve or just to encourage ourselves in case we haven’t done a lot of improvement but still have done some things that we feel that we can be proud of. So if this speaks to your heart, I want to invite you to come along.

Write a blog post and leave the link in the comments. Or just write in the comments something that you want to share.


This is what I want to share this week.

I’m actually not a real breakfast person. Or well, there’s a lot of times that I would just skip breakfast and wouldn’t get hungry till much later on the day. (bad habit, I know...)
I’m not really sure how it was when I was a kid, if we had breakfast together at the table before we went to school. But I remember much later when I was in high school and I had to get up really early to go to school and my mum would wake me up with a plate of cornflakes, which I would then eat in bed.

Well, I have to admit that in my own house, we haven’t been eating a lot of breakfasts together at the table. Especially in the Summer holidays, the kids normally wake up at different times and I haven’t really made a big deal out of it. Ixora is just like her dad and she loves to stay up late and then get up very late in the day.
This week I’ve been really making an effort to have breakfast at the table together.

Time for breakfast (some of us are hardly awake) LOL
That meant not letting the kids sleep until they would wake up on their own but getting them out of bed at a certain time. With this I also had in mind that they will need to be getting up earlier next week when the school starts again so that has also been my focus. Every day I got them out of bed a bit earlier than the day before, so they eventually will get used to waking up early again by next Thursday. It was a bit of a challenge and it took a bit of adjusting for the kids..I can imagine that it's not great to be woken up out of your sleep and taken out of bed but it is for a good purpose and it worked well. (Glory to God!)
So I felt really pleased with myself. I hope that we can keep it up and get used to having breakfasts together every morning even when the school starts and there is less time in the morning. They’ll have to get up really early but I believe that we can make it work.

We’ve had a lot of cereal which is favourite here anyway but also fried eggs and crackers with garlic butter or sandwiches with chocolate spread and with avocado(that would be me)  but eventually I want to bring more of variation.

These small packs are really handy but the contents are not much for bigger kids or adults

I want to be that mum that bakes pancakes with bacon in the morning. Or just make a bit of a big deal from time to time. Breakfast is a very important meal for everyone but especially for kids and it is very nice to start the day together eating breakfast at the table. So I’m happy that I’ve been working on that this week.
Yay !!!

Now it's your turn ...

What have you done this (past) week that you are proud of ?

Which changes are you working on in your household ?

What can you encourage yourself with about this week?

What can you share to pat yourself on the back ?

Let’s do this together. Let’s work together on -little by little- becoming more of the mums that we would like to be. Let’s rejoice in our small (or big) victories together.
After all, we're all 'super mummies in the making'.

I'd love to hear from you.

Blessings and love.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Testimony Thursday: He gives the desires of our heart

Like I mentioned before in a post, I’m not the most organized person but I would love to be organized. I always loved the idea of having a nice home. But somehow I didn’t seem to manage to have it for long. I was too busy and too tired to keep it up or often I felt down and/or stressed and then that stopped me from being able to do much.

But God promised in His word that He will give us the wishes of our heart.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 NIV

I'm feeling better in general -thanks to God- and this Summer I took some time to de-clutter the house. There is still much more to do, but we had a great start. I was able to make some changes here and there and to decorate the house a bit in the way I liked. I couldn’t afford expensive things but I picked up things here and there and got a lot from the carboot sale as well. It's almost hard to believe the treasures that you can find there for only a little bit of money.
And I’m really pleased with my house now. I’m so grateful to God that He gives us the wishes of our heart. I love my house now and I really see it as a home that I love to take care of and love to keep looking nice as much as I can. I especially love the kitchen, dining area and our bed rooms and will hopefully do a few room tours soon.

There is still some de-cluttering and organizing to do but that is mostly in the closets and cupboards now. And there are a few things that I want to add or change but that will come with time. I still have three kids who love to turn the house upside down from time to time but it's so much easier to get it back in order if you know that it will end up looking the way you like it: nice and lovely.

The bible says: But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be given to you as well.  Matthew  6:33 NIV  If we seek to please God in the way that we live and our hearts are right before Him, He will bless us and even do the unexpected.
He will give us that what is in our heart. He wants to do even those things that seem small to others but mean a lot to you.

Sometimes it takes some time before God gives us the wishes of our heart.  But He is gracious, good and faithful and if we stay in faith and stay close to Him, He will give us the wishes of our hearts in His time.

I love that about God, I love that about my walk with Him. I love to see His grace, His love and faithfulness, even in the smallest things and again and again they make my heart overflow with gratitude. Gratitude towards a loving God Who cares so much about me as an individual that He wants to bless me and make me happy and do things that matter to me.
He wants to do the same for you !

What is your testimony today?
What are you thanking God for?


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What I wore Wednesday:Ruffles

Today I wanted to share another outfit that I've been wearing lately. I really love ruffles therefore I love this blouse.
It is made out of a silky fabric and in the colour navy. I mostly wear it with grey dress pants.
On the first picture I'm wearing it with a denim jack because it was a bit too chilly since the blouse doesn't really have sleeves.

On the second and third picture I'm wearing it with a long sleeved shirt in about the same colour. And I'm wearing brown pants.

The blouse is from: Awear but I got it in a second hand shop for approximately 2,50 euro.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to school CASH giveaway $500 (WW)

Just about a week and a half and then the school holidays will be over here in Ireland. 
Last week we started to get a few things for the new school year.
Since I'm thinking of changing the school the kids are on, I haven't gotten any books or uniforms yet but we got new panties,vests, tights, socks and shoes.
Hopefully this week it will be clear which school the kids will attend this school year and we can continue our back to school shopping.

Have you finished your back to school shopping yet ?

I got the chance to be apart of an amazing giveaway called Back to School Cash Giveaway.
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Good luck !

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Social :Then and now

This week I'm linking up with the Sunday Social hosts Ashley and Neely again.

1. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

I remember that I wanted to be a flight attendant at one time and also a veterinarian because I loved animals and I wanted to help them. My oldest daughter is now very interested in becoming a veterinarian but I think there’s a bigger chance that she will really become one because she is much more interested in animals than I was (has loads of animal books) and loves to watch tv programs about animal hospitals ,vets etc.

2. What was your favorite way to kill time as a kid?

I loved to read books, play outside with friends, go swimming or bike riding.

3. When did you get your first cell phone?

I’m not sure but I think I bought it myself around 2000. It was a Motorola and a very big one and people were always surprised that it was so big and sometimes made jokes about it.

4. What is your favorite magazine to read?

I recently discovered an online Christian magazine called 'Set apart girl'. I really love to read these articles. They are really edifying for the Christian faith for Christian women.

You can find the latest magazine here

I also like to read Glamour sometimes, Stellar and some other mags from time to time.

5. What is the one random object people would be surprised to find in your purse?

My digital camera. I take it with me everywhere since I really love to take pictures and I never know when I will need it.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this Sunday Social post.

Here's a reminder of my current give away:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For the give away rules read this post.


Friday, August 9, 2013

You know that you're a mum when ...

Ten things that remind me that I’m a mum. This post is inspired by this post from Christine Coppa.

You know that you’re a mum when :

1 Every room in the house has at least one toy in it and also your car, back and front yard.

2 The tv is mostly on on childrens programmes.

3 You’re constantly picking up stuff from the floor and wiping off freshly made drawings from the wall. (oh no, they found a crayon or marker again !)

4 Your shopping list contains at least three items that are especially for kids.

5 You’re often interrupted from whatever you are doing by a child calling you; mummy.

6 You come back from the sales in town with mostly kids items.

7 You can often find a diaper in your handbag and sometimes even a toy.

8 You only get to eat half of your mugshot because you have to share it with two of your kids. (Luckily they have smaller mouths and so they are getting less on a spoon.)

9 You are excited about pink tutu’s, finding a hello kitty dvd on sale in the shop and scoring Peppa Pig shoes in 'almost new' condition on the carboot sale.

10 Your lipsticks finish far more quickly than they should. ( the girls have borrowed your makeup again and your lipstick is all gone)

 A wall in the hall last week after I scrubbed most of the paint in beautiful colours from the wall ( I was too shocked to take a picture before this but it was one of their best works so far) There must be a future artist living in this house. (or maybe two)

What are the things that remind you that you’re a mum ?

I’d love to hear from you.


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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mummy, I need your 'pookie'

It’s World Breastfeeding Week from August 1st to August 7th 2013 and this year’s theme is Breastfeeding Support: Close to Mothers. You can read more about it on The focus is on community support, particularly in the form of peer-to-peer support.
To show support for World Breastfeeding Week, the Irish Parenting Bloggers group is holding a blog march about varied breastfeeding experiences, including experiences with breastfeeding support in Ireland. This inspired me to write a post about breastfeeding as well.

My breast feeding journey

When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided that it would be a great idea to combine breast- and bottle feeding.
But in the hospital they convinced me how healthy and important it was to breastfeed exclusively and then I decided to go that road.
I got a breast pump to express milk so my baby could get a bottle with breast milk when I was out and about or for the scarce times that I would leave her in the care of her dad.  I ended up not using a bottle a lot. The baby didn’t like drinking from the bottle, even though it was the same milk. So when she had to be fed when we were out, I’d just look for a quiet place with a bench and fed her there.
In the hospital where I stayed five days because of a c-section, they decided to give my baby a bottle once because she was crying so much and feeding a lot (which led to painful nipples) and they wanted to make sure that she wasn’t crying because she was hungry. I learned from that time that babies sometimes just like to suck a lot and I gave my baby a soother to ‘solve that problem’ and that seemed to keep her happy in between feeds.
But after that bottle in the hospital she was only fed with breast milk until she was ready for solids. But even then, the breastfeeding continued. I never really tried a bottle with formula with her because she also had a milk allergy and even though there is special formula for babies with milk allergies, I ended up not giving her a bottle because she didn’t like to drink from bottles anyway. Those bottles with special milk would also have been very expensive.
She drank ‘mummy milk’ until she was almost four years old.
I had to make her stop since I was expecting her baby sister and I never forgot what I was told in the hospital when I was about to lose a baby through miscarriage, that it was quite hard for your body to be pregnant and nursing a baby at the same time.
I didn’t know if there was any truth in those words but when I got pregnant again after the miscarriage I decided it was time to make her stop. She loved the idea of having a baby sister and even though she loved ‘mummy milk’, it helped when I explained that mummy’s milk was going to be for the new baby now.
I found it much easier to say no now and little by little she managed to give it up.
Ofcourse, it was a bit emotional to me because I always saw it as a very special thing to give to your child. And I would’ve loved her to stop out of herself and now I had to make her stop but I had to keep the new baby in mind.

My next baby was also breastfed exclusively for 6 months. After she was born I quickly got a lot of breast milk and it started to hurt quite a lot and I didn’t feel really well. So I bought a breast pump and a few breast milk bags and started to express the extra milk. I made a lot of bags and froze them in to be used when I would be out and leaving her home with my mother or her dad. This seemed to help the problem of engorgement. She ended up drinking mummy milk for 15 months and I had to make her stop for the same reason as I did her sister. I was pregnant with baby no 3. In her case it was a bit harder and since she didn’t like to drink from bottles (even though she had had to when I went back to work for 4 full days when she was 7 months), I had to give her yoghurt instead to wean her off. Apparently breast milk has a sweet taste which bottle milk doesn’t have. So even though I would not recommend it to anyone we started to add some sugar to the milk and that helped her to start liking the bottle and how we got her to drinking bottle milk without any problems.
It made me quite emotional that I had to stop breastfeeding her but wanted to be sure that the baby growing in me would be alright. It also didn’t feel the same to have her drink. It didn’t feel so comfortable as before, probably because of the pregnancy.
But even later –when the baby was already born- I regretted that I had to stop because she still seemed to need it and there were times when she was a bit older where she asked about it, but I sadly had to decide that it wouldn’t be a good idea to start again. I also didn’t like the idea of nursing two children at the same time.

Baby number 3 was breastfed exclusively for 6 months as well. And when she was older she sometimes got a bottle with cerelac added with milk and water and some sugar like her older sister was drinking as well.
She is almost 2,5 years old now and still wants to drink ‘mummy milk’, even though she also sometimes likes ‘a bottle’ (a beaker with the above contents) when I’m busy or not around but she seldom finishes it completely.
My goal was to at least let her breastfeed till she was two years old but she doesn’t seem to get enough of it, so no telling when we will stop, even though I try not to let her drink mummy milk too often.

If it was up to her, she would drink almost all the time and that’s just too much for me so I sometimes have to say No, even though it makes me sad when that makes her sad. But I know that she has other food and drinks to help her grow and stay healthy and that she is not depending on my milk to stay alive and grow so she should be fine.

And she knows that I love her and that a lot of time she still gets to have ‘pookie’. She sometimes says : ‘mummy I need your pookie.’(I don't know where she got that word from.) Or she says ;'mummy, I like your pookie'. She is also learning to say ‘please’ now and one day she asked ‘Can I have pookie please? ‘So how to say No to that?
I might try to wean her off when she is turning three if she hasn’t stopped yet. But we’ll see.

Nevaeh drinking in the bus
My thoughts about breastfeeding

I love the idea how God has created our bodies; that our bodies produce food that can help our children stay alive and grow for 6 months. That for 6 months those tiny creatures are depending on this milk. How beautiful is that ?
I also love the bonding expect of it and how special it is to give that to your baby.
It feels great for them to be so close to you and it so comforting to them.

Breast feeding is also cheaper, healthier, easier and quicker to have ready. It is very natural to breastfeed. Our bodies are created to be able to nurse a baby.

I would definitely recommend giving breast feeding a try.
Even though it can be difficult when dealing with sore nipples, engorging or public feeding, I believe that the benefits certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

That said, ultimately it’s up to the mother to choose which way of feeding suits her and her newborn baby the best.
Bottle feeding might not have certain benefits that breast feeding has, but ultimately it also helps to keep our babies alive and to make them grow and it can have certain advantages which might lead to a mother making the choice to bottle feed.

For those mothers choosing to breastfeed; don’t give up easily. Even if your start might not be as smooth as you expected, it will get better. (most of the time)
There are different possibilities for support in Ireland to help you in your breastfeeding journey for instance breastfeeding support groups which you can find on

And if it doesn’t get better, I’m sure that you will be happy that you at least tried.

Are you breastfeeding your child or are you planning to? What are your thoughts or experiences regarding breast feeding? Where did you find support?

I’d love to hear from you.

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