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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mummy points; Bedtime routine

It’s time for mommy kudo’s again as my lovely co-blogger Meg called it last week. At the end of the week I’m sharing things that I’ve been doing well as a mother to encourage myself as a mum and I hope that you want to join in too. We all need some encouragement as mums and it’s good to give yourself a pat on the back from time to time.

So here is my contribution for this week.

This week my oldest kids went back to school so I tried to work on their bedtimes and bedtime routines. Someone had been messing with the toothbrushes -read this post- so we got a couple of new kiddie toothbrushes at DEALZ and new kiddie toothpaste. I didn’t manage to get their bedtimes the way I wanted but I’m glad that I got them to listen and participate in the bedtime routine when it comes to tooth brushing. Nevaeh has had a lot of trouble with it but she’s doing great now. She never liked it if I helped her brush but yesterday she asked: ‘will you help me?’ and that was so great to hear. Such a major improvement from the time that she kept running away when I wanted to brush her teeth and I had to hold her under my arm to keep her in place so I could brush her teeth. She stands still now and waits patiently until I finish brushing her teeth. I’m so glad with that. God is good ! It’s also great to see them all together at the sink, brushing their teeth. Yay !

This week I’m going to get back to using the charts we got from the dentist and make sure that they get stickers every night which will keep them motivated. I will continue to work on their bedtime routine and hopefully they will able to fall asleep quicker this week. They will be getting in a routine to wake up earlier so hopefully will get tired earlier as well.

I’m also happy with the fact (and a bit proud of myself) that I’ve now survived four weeks of single parenting.-read here-  It hasn’t always been easy but I managed by the grace of God and I managed to take care of my kids on my own and to get them to school on time and collect them on time this week. Yay ! It’s all by the grace of God and I will continue looking up to Him for help and He has promised to take care of us so I know that He will. Thank You Lord !

Finally, if you read the ‘We’re back to school’ post you have read that I didn’t really count on spending so much on books this week. I am very astonished when I hear that some schools have book rental schemes or only need 15 euro for books. Well, when Ixora started school she didn’t need to buy any books but that was another school where they also provided lunch and there was no school fee. It really depends on the school. I guess our contribution fee is maybe lower than some other schools. Anyway, so we had less to spend this week. And I thank the Lord for giving me flexibility and keeping me in peace. I just tried to make things to eat from the things that we have in the house and today we decided to bake something with the flour in the cupboard that had been sitting there for awhile. I’m not really a baker so we just did something. Ixora decided she wanted to use some chocolate powder with the flour and we made balls and some went in a pan with oil and most in the oven and I made some kind of scones with the rest of the flour. I loved the scones and ate them with a bit of jam. Yummy ! I think that we really have to bake more often and then use a real recipe next time. Because I really loved doing this. I loved making something good and tasty for the kids and I from scratch. (and I loved doing this with Ixora as well) So I’m glad and feel good about it that I‘ve not really been worrying but have been making it work. And I will do so until the next payment comes in next week.- by the grace of God-

Now it’s your turn again…

Here are a few questions to give you an idea on what you can share. (You don’t have to answer all the questions)

What have you done this (past) week that you are proud of ?

Which changes are you working on in your household ?

What can you encourage yourself with about this week?

What can you share to pat yourself on the back ?

Write a blog post and leave the link in the comments. Or just write in the comments something that you want to share.

Thanks for all who commented last week. I hope you will join in again this week.

Read last weeks post here.

Let’s do this together. Let’s work together on -little by little- becoming more of the mums that we would like to be. Let’s rejoice in our small (or big) victories together.
After all, we're all 'super mummies in the making'.

Love and blessings,


Louise said...

Tootbrushing Chart!! ingenious! I have charts for everything because my son is autistic!! (and if I see the chart I remember to do stuff)

Off to make one now!!

Chan said...

Hey Louise, thanks for stopping by. Glad that this post gave you an idea. I hope it will work well for you.

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