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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Testimony Thursday: He gives the desires of our heart

Like I mentioned before in a post, I’m not the most organized person but I would love to be organized. I always loved the idea of having a nice home. But somehow I didn’t seem to manage to have it for long. I was too busy and too tired to keep it up or often I felt down and/or stressed and then that stopped me from being able to do much.

But God promised in His word that He will give us the wishes of our heart.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 NIV

I'm feeling better in general -thanks to God- and this Summer I took some time to de-clutter the house. There is still much more to do, but we had a great start. I was able to make some changes here and there and to decorate the house a bit in the way I liked. I couldn’t afford expensive things but I picked up things here and there and got a lot from the carboot sale as well. It's almost hard to believe the treasures that you can find there for only a little bit of money.
And I’m really pleased with my house now. I’m so grateful to God that He gives us the wishes of our heart. I love my house now and I really see it as a home that I love to take care of and love to keep looking nice as much as I can. I especially love the kitchen, dining area and our bed rooms and will hopefully do a few room tours soon.

There is still some de-cluttering and organizing to do but that is mostly in the closets and cupboards now. And there are a few things that I want to add or change but that will come with time. I still have three kids who love to turn the house upside down from time to time but it's so much easier to get it back in order if you know that it will end up looking the way you like it: nice and lovely.

The bible says: But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be given to you as well.  Matthew  6:33 NIV  If we seek to please God in the way that we live and our hearts are right before Him, He will bless us and even do the unexpected.
He will give us that what is in our heart. He wants to do even those things that seem small to others but mean a lot to you.

Sometimes it takes some time before God gives us the wishes of our heart.  But He is gracious, good and faithful and if we stay in faith and stay close to Him, He will give us the wishes of our hearts in His time.

I love that about God, I love that about my walk with Him. I love to see His grace, His love and faithfulness, even in the smallest things and again and again they make my heart overflow with gratitude. Gratitude towards a loving God Who cares so much about me as an individual that He wants to bless me and make me happy and do things that matter to me.
He wants to do the same for you !

What is your testimony today?
What are you thanking God for?


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jviola79 said...

Loved the photo of the flowers! It truly does take time to de-clutter & get a house to look like a home! I have been doing some of the same as we are getting closer to the start of a new school year. May God continue to give you energy to meet the demands of being a wife & mom. I visited from Faith Filled Friday.

Ceil said...

Hi Chan! Nice to meet you today!

I think the fact that he gives us the desires of our hearts is such good news. But as you point out, the timing is his.

So happy that you feel good about your house! You might wish for more time, but God knows your heart and loves to make you happy!

From Faith Filled Friday,

Rae said...

How wonderful that He gives us the desires of our hearts... and He is the author of those desires, too! This was a promise that I was taught by a sweet friend when I was single and praying for my future husband! Great post!

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