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Thursday, August 29, 2013

We're back to school

I had a little run today. In the lovely sunshine, behind a stroller and on purple flip flops. It was Yovannahs first day today in ‘big school’ and her school had decided to only let them go in for 1,5 hours today. And I thought I would have enough time to run a small errand. But before you know it, it was time to collect her again and I didn’t want to be too late on the first day. So I walked extra fast and had a little jog from time to time. It wasn’t very pleasant on flip flops and while I was rushing to school I was thinking: I should’ve stayed home and cleaned the house instead in that 1,5 hour. But the running paid off. We (Nevaeh and I) arrived 5 minutes early. With a sweaty face (that would be me) but hey, we made it. Yay !

So today was Yovannahs first school day in 'big school' and that made it a happy day. Even though I had a lot of trouble getting the whole crew in bed last night and didn’t keep my cool about it, Yovannah was very easy in the morning. She must’ve been excited to go to school. I felt really excited and happy too while I was getting her ready. The ties with elastic were sold out so I bought a real tie for her instead so this morning I had to watch instructions on youtube to help me tie the small tie around her neck. It kind of worked. Don't you think ?

I took a lot of pictures and she was in a great mood and even walked to school, which is something that is very unique for her but which she hopefully will do more and more.

When she got into the class she went to sit at a table and started to play with wooden blocks and some toys straight away. 

Playing in the new classroom

I stayed for a while and then said goodbye to her. Nevaeh was playing with her and she didn’t really want to leave but I told her that we were going somewhere else and she was fine with it. I am so relieved that she was okay with not getting to go to school. She ‘s been asking for it since last year and sometimes cried when her sisters went to school. She also told me yesterday that she wants to go to 'big school' too. But I told her that she is too small but that she will go to another school soon. I'm supposed to start college in a few weeks and am planning to put her on a Montessori when I start.

Nevaeh is playing with Yovannah in her new classroom

I went away happy, proud of my little girl who started big school today. In the hall I saw another mum in tears. Even though I’m a quite emotional person, I guess I’m not that kind of mum. This is a serious milestone and that really gives me joy and makes me feel really proud !!
But I can imagine that you can really miss your children or just get so emotional about such a first day.

Excited and happy

Yovannah in the line before school

When I went to collect Yovannah, she didn’t seem to be in a very good mood. She refused to stand in the line with the other children and didn’t want to walk home. So baby sister dear was practically kicked out of her buggy so the little princess could be pushed home. Nevaeh luckily was fine with walking. Yovannah was disappointed that her friend wasn’t there. I asked the teacher before the school  started, if her friend was meant to be in that class too but she wasn’t on her list so unfortunately she won’t have her best mate with her this school year. But the teacher said that both classes do a lot together so they will see each other. None of Yovannahs friends are in her class, even though there are a few in her class who used to be in the playgroup which she attended last year but whom she isn’t really friends with. I guess that that’s my only concern. She is not a very social child, I think. The playgroup leaders from last year said that she played alone if her friend wasn’t in. I was happy that by the end of the school year she seemed to have made some more friends. This is one of the reasons I was happy to keep her at this school. It would've been nice for her because she already had friends there. And now they are all not in her class. Well, let’s hope it works out, even though I still might have to move her from this school when I start college.
After school we went to the bookshop with two lists full of books.(from Yovannah and Ixora) A while later we left the shop 169 euro poorer. I know that these books can be expensive but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be that much this year. Oh well…we'll just be eating a bit less this week. haha no,seriously...we'll just have to cut a bit on a few other things. I guess it's for a good cause, the education for the kids. And I guess we got some help with the Back to School allowance of 200 euro we received this year, even though that it is actually supposed to help with clothing and footwear. And we'll have to pay the school fees next week. We'll be fine by the grace of God.

The 'smallies' behaved themselves quite well today when we were out and about. Praise God! I got them a Peppa Pig dvd and we made a short stop at the Mc Donalds for a hamburger and nuggets. It really helps to promise them things like this to distract them from other things that they want to do or have and it helps them behave better.

I hope that Yovannah will grow to love it in the big school. I’m worried about the mood change after school today. I guess that she also has to get used to a totally different school curriculum. No more playing all day (or a lot of the day). She has been looking forward to getting back to school for awhile, telling me; ‘I want to go to school’. And every time we (Ixora and I) had to explain that the school was closed and that she couldn’t go. So I just hope that she will enjoy it soon….

Ixora started in third class today and is happy to be back with all the same kids as the last two years in which she has been going to this school.

Ixora after school

We only had to get used to the fact that she needs to line up at the other side of the school now. She couldn't find the line she needed, before school and I was waiting at the wrong place to collect her. But for the rest, she had a good first day. She is very social and I have no concerns about her at all.
Praise God ! She is delighted that she now has books to take to school.

Yovannah and Ixora, mummy is so proud of you. Have a great school year and lots of luck this year.

Did your children start school as well ? Are they enjoying themselves? Do you have any concerns?

I'm wishing you and your kids a great school year 2013/2014 !

Love and blessings,

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