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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A short fake nail review Day 3 SBBC

So I saw these in DEALZ and I loved the colours and since it was only 1,49 I really got tempted to buy them. I don’t often use fake nails. I think you can even say that you can count the times that I’ve used them on the fingers of one hand.
I remember having 'golden' fake nails when I was younger and I loved them. They were really unique and people always asked about them and complimented on them.

When I took these fake nails out of the pack and put one of them on my nail I realised that they are not long nails. They are actually hardly longer than my own nails. But I love that about them. They are perfect for mummies. I loved having them on.

They come in a pack with three sets in different colours: Pink, purple and black .
They have a gloss on them so it’s almost like you’re just wearing glossy nail polish.
I love the concept because my nail polish gets off quite easily when I do the dishes etc. So they’re really handy for that. Since they don’t really give you long nails they are actually as a substitute for nail polish which really works well for me.

I personally only had to get used to using the glue. The first hand went quite smoothly but the second hand got me a bit frustrated, because the nails didn’t stick as quickly as I wanted. My fingers got quite some glue and if that gets on the nail it becomes matte. I ended up going to youtube to get some instructions on how to put fake nails on. Apparently you need to prepare your nails so the fake nails will stick better. And I was doing it all wrong. You’re supposed to add the glue to the fake nail and to your own nail instead of only on the fake nail like I did. I was too impatient to watch the video before sticking on the last nails, so I ended up getting them on my nails on my own way. But you can see on the pictures how much glue I used.
When I went to look for a nail file -which I didn’t find- I came across this silver glittery nail polish from AVON and decided to try to put it over the nails and it really looked stunning. 

It was hard to try to make a picture that shows how they really look. The pictures really don’t do them justice. They look so much better in reality. My camera is probably not good enough to show them as they really are. They really sparkle and it looks so pretty. I’m just in love with my nails now.

So my overall verdict is ;
These are great. I love that they’re short. I love the gloss and I love that you can use them to put glittery nail polish over them and completely change them up that way. They are more than worth the 1,49 that they cost. Even though they’re really cheap ,they don’t look cheap at all , especially with the nail polish on them. I definitely will use these more often and I’d love to have them in more colours.  I definitely would buy them again.

Nail polish : AVON colortrend

What do you think about these fake nails? Have you tried them? Would you buy them ? What do you think of the combination with the nail polish ? 
I’d love to hear from you.


This was my first nail review and I hope that you liked it.
Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated for writing this post. And all opinions are my own.

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