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Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday finds : Picture frames

As you might be aware, I really love to decorate my home and I’m very interested in home decoration in general. So for those who are interested in seeing home decoration posts, I have decided to try to do at least one home decoration post per week. This could be a room tour, or favourite finds that I’ve found online or in a shop, pins from pinterest or a guest post.

If you saw my post A toddler bedroom tour, you know that I sometimes shop at Zulily for home décor items. I actually love them the most for those items.
Like every day, I received an email from them today and when I looked up what was on offer I saw a few frames that I like. I really love pictures but there are actually not a lot that I am displaying at the moment. And I really want to bring some change in that.

Below are some frames of The Frame Shop that I love.
They are currently on offer on the Zulily UK website.
I actually love this idea. You would need to have a big picture and then cut it in 6 pieces to fit the frame.
I love how the picture is in black and white .

I really love this one. A black board with pics next to it. Brilliant!

This one is cute too. A memo board with pictures around it.
Love it.

Which one would you choose ?
I really think that I'd like to try the first frame. It's so unique.
But the second one would be great in my kitchen too.

To sign up for Zulily, go here. (link goes to Zulily UK website)
For Zulily US, go here.

Love and blessings,

Diclaimer: I am not compensated for writing this post but if you sign up for Zulily UK and place an order I'm entitled to receive free store credit.


Miriam DeLaRosa said...

This is cute I would love that idea here, but that would require hubby to actually look at it and he never notices anything unless I point it out and still won't go along with it

Chan said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Miriam. You never know . He might just like this one.

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