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Friday, September 20, 2013

Our past weekend part 2: Family event : Flight fest

When I heard about the Flightfest, I thought: 'interesting but probably not something we’ll be able to go to.' But since Ixora really wanted to go, as she told me on Saturday and there was an Flightfest advertisement poster at a LUAS station that said : ‘take the LUAS’ , I decided to go on google to do some research to find out where it actually was and how you could get there. It appeared to be quite easy to get there so on Sunday morning when I found that out, I decided that we would go.
I made a few sandwiches and filled two bottles with juice but I didn’t count on the rainy weather. All we had was a broken umbrella and then the rain cover for the double buggy and at some stage Ixora and I were really totally soaked, so much that she wanted to go home before it actually had started.
I refused ofcourse and told her that we came for the airplanes and that I at least wanted to see a few fly over. And I also told her that she would get dry again. The weather really turned and we dried up completely . Praise God. We had a great time and Ixora was happy that we stayed.

I loved taking pictures of the airplanes, even though I first found it hard to see them through the lens so I asked Ixora to take some pictures. But I took over from her again and it later worked out alright.

Taken by Ixora

Taken by Ixora

Taken by Ixora

They really flew quite low so you could see them very well and it was a great experience to watch them while they were flying over you.

After a while we got some ice cream.

We got a barbequed hot-dog as well which was really yummy.

The kids wanted to play a little in a tiny park nearby.

 And we saw some more airplanes flying over.

There were supposed to be some activities for kids but I forgot all about them. We were more focused on the airplanes, but on our way back we saw some kids with face paintings. This family event was also organised as part of The Gathering.

It turned out to be a really awesome day. It was such a great experience. We really had a wonderful time. And I was pleased that we were able to go. Glory to God !

How was your weekend ? Do you have any plans for the coming weekend ?
Have a great weekend whatever you do !


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