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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shopping haul DEALZ

So I 've been wanting to write a post about DEALZ for some time because I really love that shop.

I don't go there often because they have so much stuff that is so cheap, that I 'm afraid I would buy too much LOL.  So I mostly go when I really need something like the toothbrushes the other day.
Read about that here.
A while back I went with my youngest to the one in the Square in Tallaght and we only looked at about half of the store because we kept seeing things that we wanted.

So this is what we got back then.

These were 3 for 1,49 We drank these after leaving the shop.


3 for 1,49 I love these. They have low calories and especially the cheese ones are so yummy.


The kids ofcourse ate these on the way home. They love these and I think they're really yummy too.

I actually loved having these. They are so handy to clean up spills. Definately have to buy them again.


I love these bottles. They are so handy to mop the floor. You just spray and mop.

All 1,49 each
I'm doing a review on the fake nails soon.

Fab for the kids. They love Angelina Ballerina


These are so handy to clean the toilet seats and potties.

The kids love these.

Handy plastic box for Ixora's bedroom to keep her little treasures in

refuse sacks 1,49
Nevaeh loved these ducks and we got a pink, blue and yellow one so all of the girls got one.

Have you been to DEALZ ? What do you think about their deals ?
I hope that you enjoyed the shopping haul.



Louise said...

Oh my gosh how I LOVE dealz!! unfortunately I've to go a town over for my nearest one but its worth the few quid in petrol every time especially for the cleaning stuff!!!

And great to see another blogger from the island :P I was starting to think I was all alone!

Chan said...

Yes, they're great aren't they ? Their deals are unbelievable.
Great that you've found me.
I'm in two facebook groups Irish bloggers and Irish parenting bloggers. You wouldn't believe how many bloggers there are in Ireland. Have you seen the long lists of the Irish blog awards?

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