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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fashion Friday; high heels.

I am not a fashionista but I do like nice clothes a lot. If you've seen  my last What I wore Wednesday post, you have probably realized that I don't buy new clothes really often. I really own a lot of second hand clothes. Some bought, some of them I got for free.

I don't really wear high heels a lot. But I do have one pair that I wear to church on most Sundays.
Since I really can't walk on really high spike heels, these are kind of 'block heels',so I can walk on them without any problems. I can't have them on for very long though, when I have to stand or walk a lot. They really start to hurt very terribily after some time.

I do love high heels though. They look nice and feminine. And I think with some outfits they would really fit nicely. The other day I had a lace top on and I thought that it would be nice to wear it with heels. And I also thought that it would be nice to try and practise walking on heels.
I searched online and it got me so excited. All of a sudden I saw so many shoes that I liked and would've liked to have, that I could really imagine why some people love shoes so much and why some people really own a lot of them.

I didn't buy any of them though. Not yet.

I really like this one.

They are called "Cutiepie Mary Jane pumps" . I saw them on the webshop Topvintage

I think that they would look nice with my lace top.

What do you think ? Do you wear high heels ?

I would love to hear from you.


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