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Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello good times.

Today I'm sharing a few moments from our past week again through another Hello Monday post.

Hello Monday

Hello Pony Buddies in 'extremely' hot weather.

As I mentioned in another post, the smallies started a course called 'Pony Buddies'. They started last Wednesday and it was really very hot in the sun that day.

Hello sandpit and glide at the kids farm.

Hello bunny !!

Hello recycle project at school.

Hello Picnic in the garden.

Hello to Ixora catching some sun while she is eating.

Hello to making some yummy mini muffins !

Hello grocery shopping with separate trolleys.

Hello water with mint.

I am really trying to drink more water now (one of my goals for May) and I am adding some mint to give it some flavour.

Hello Mickey, what are you doing there ?

My silly girlies...put you in there.....didn't they ? hahaha

Hello new week, we hope that you will bring us a lot of good things,....and good times !

I hope that you enjoyed this Hello Monday post and that you are having a good Monday.

What are you saying Hello to this week?

I would love to hear from you.


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