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Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello sunshine (day 9)

Hello Monday.

Hello lovely summer weather.

Hello swimming pool.

Hello breakfasts in bed.
No not for me but for my oldest daughter. Unfortunately, she has been ill for a few weeks already and I sometimes wake her up to eat so she can take some medicine

Hello anti biotics for Ixora.
Praying she will get better and won't need these anymore.

Hello beach times.
On Mothers' day finally got to visit the beach here in Ijburg where we live.

Hello bike without stabilizers.
The stabilizers have come off of Yovannahs bike so she has decided to try riding without them now and I think that she’ll succeed in it soon.

Hello Mothers' day gifts.
My ex husband never did a lot for Mothers'day so it is like this is the year that I got the most things somehow. Nevaeh really could not wait to give me the gift she made for me at school . She was so excited about her gift and I must say ; it is adorable. A cute jar with candy in it. The girls have also been helped with other gifts by two of my sisters. (really sweet of them ) I also got roses and chocolate in church.

Hello to the girls helping out more on Mothers' day.

Hello brownie butterfly cakie.
The girls wanted to make something but I did not have a cake tin so we had to use the butterfly shapes.

Hello microwave and bowls with porridge
My sister got us a microwave and I helped Nevaeh heat up some soup that she poured out for me in a bowl on Mothers' day. And Ixora has been having bowls of porridge which are so easy to make in a microwave.

Hello school times.
The holidays are over and we are going back to a routine.

Hello yummy muesli.

Hello sunshine.
Please stay for quite a while. We are really enjoying you an awful lot.

What are you saying Hello to today/this week  ?

I would love to hear from you.




Geraldine said...

So nice that you and the girls enjoyed mothersday. Happy I could help out a little bit. :)

Chan said...

Thank you so much. I hope your day was good too. <3

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