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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Loving photography

It seems that I am getting the dates a little wrong when it comes to some of the topics.Oh well. I meant to do a post on photography this week. Now I realise that that was the topic of a few days ago. Since the topics are optional, I decided to post on this topic anyway today.

I always loved taking pictures from a certain age, There is something about it that interests and fascinates me. I love looking at beautiful pictures too. At some time in my life I decided to work in a photo studio. I would sell photo products, book photo and video sessions for parties, handle orders and take pictures in the studio too. I also was in training for video and photo work at parties.
It was actually very exciting and I learned a lot from it but at a certain time I changed jobs to help someone out and then moved abroad.

I always wanted to do a photography course to learn to take better pictures but unfortunately all I did was order an online course and then never taking it because I was too busy. I still hope to do a course one day.

I love taking pictures at weddings and sometimes I think that I would love to be a freelance photographer. I have a lot of learning to do though.

Lately, I mostly photograph my girls. Unfortunately I don't even have a normal camera now (just one on my old phone ) so the pictures I take are nothing much but I just love to have a record of some things that have happened. Just creating a record of some memories. 
I love my pictures.  They mean so much to me. Losing pictures through broken or stolen phones, broken memory cards, broken or stolen laptops or pc's really hits me hard. It really breaks my heart and it takes some time before I am over it.
Even though I must say that I have too many pictures that I have never printed out or did anything with and I think I should at least do more with some of them This would help me to be able to keep them too.

So that is my plan, to that one day. To look through my thousands of pictures and pick the most special ones out and/or put them online somewhere,

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite pictures. I have not tried hard to find them. I remember an email I sent someone two years ago in which I attached some of my favourite pictures that I recently had taken of my kids. So I decided to share some of those. Most of them were taken with a camera. Only the one from Nevaeh in the car, I took with my phone.

Yovannah at the beach in Bray, Dublin Ireland July 2014

Nevaeh in the car in Para, Suriname September 2014

Nevaeh at a playground in Amsterdam Holland August 2014

Yovannah laughing at a playground in Amsterdam Holland August 2014

Nevaeh at a playground in Amsterdam Holland August 2014

Yovannah playing at a playground Amsterdam Holland August 2014

 I hope that you enjoyed this post.

I would love to hear from you.

Love and blessings,

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