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Thursday, May 12, 2016

One of my favourite poems BEDM Day 12

Today the original topic of the Blogging Every day challenge is poetry. And since I have written some poetry of my own in the past, I thought that I would just share a poem that I recently wrote.
But I read it again today after not reading it for a few months and it does not seem suitable for my blog.
Other poems that I remember that I wrote, are mostly in Dutch, so I decided to just share one of my favourite poems today.
I read it in the book of Purity and Passion from Elisabeth Ellliot, a book about the true story of two people who love eachother but are asked by God to wait till they are allowed by Him to finally be together.

It is a really beautiful, touching story about putting God first in your life and mostly wanting Gods will for your life, no matter the cost.
Jim Elliot mentions the poem in one of his letters that he wrote to Elizabeth and which Elisabeth later quoted in her book.
And beneath his letter in her book, Elisabeth wrote down the poem.
It really touched my heart and it still means a lot to me today.
I have tried to find it back for some time but I think that I always looked it up in Dutch and I could not find it and today I searched in English and finally found it ! I found a sample from the book on Amazon with the poem and the name of the writer.

I then searched again on internet and found out that the name of the poem is:

Night song at Amalfi and it is written by Sara Teasdale.

I asked the heaven of stars, 
what I should give my love
He answered me with silence
Silence above

I asked the darkened sea
Down where the fishes go--
It answered me with silence,
Silence below--

Oh I could give him weeping
Or I could give him a song
But how can I give silence

My whole life long ?

Just imagine loving someone and not being able to talk to them, maybe because they don't want to talk to you or some other reason. And you would have to give them silence for the rest of your life ?

That's a very long time !

Jim and Elisabeth end up together and get married but unfortunately their time together is short because he dies in the mission field.

What do you think about the poem ? Do you have a favourite poem ?

I would love to hear from you.


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