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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

One of my favourite things from Holland

I have not been doing much of the original topics from the BEDM challenge so far, because I had other posts or because I had nothing to write regarding the topic of the day. But since I am living in Europe I thought it would be nice to do a post about it. Only I thought that it was for today and not yesterday. So I actually missed it. L  But I decided to do a Europe related post anyway.

One of my favourite things from living in Holland again, would be that I can get my hands on a bag of liquorice much easier .
When I was living in Ireland I really missed liquorice and when a friend would go to the Netherlands for a holiday I would always ask them to bring me back some liquorice. I would be sooo happy when I finally got to eat some liquorice again. I remember once missing it so much that I bought a little bag of liquorice online for 5 euro and then to find out that they were soft and salty ones.  Those definitely were not my favourite but I guess it was better than nothing at all.

Dutch liquorice, I have noticed is really something that you either love or hate. And I am really one of the liquorice lovers. There are a lot of different ones and a lot of different tastes. But the ones  that I like the most are the coins.  There are also different brands of liquorice and the tastes differs so that is the same for Dutch coins. I like the most brands I think but I like the taste of the Kleene coins and the Venco ones the most.
I also like the taste of the liquorice called “Brussels manneke’  , liquorice made in the shape of a little boy  like the statue  located in Brussels.  I have been looking for these for a while and could not find them anymore.  So I was so excited to see a pack of them in a shop the other day. So I really had to have them.  Ofcourse I finished them in no time.  Those packs are really way too small. LOL

From my girls, my oldest is the only one who likes liquorice a little bit and then actually only really the Kleene coins so I also don’t really have to share them with anyone when I have a pack of them. So they are really my special mommy candies. Wonderful !

Have you ever tasted Dutch liquorice ? Do you like or dislike them ? Is there any treat that you like which the rest of the house can’t be bothered with ? Have you been in Holland ? What is one of your favourite things from here ?

I would love to hear from you.


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