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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Shopping haul kids H & M

When the warm weather started, I promised the smallies to get them flip flops. Since we mostly shop at H &M, we looked online and the girls decided that they both wanted the flip flops with a cute butterfly on them and -you can guess it- a bunny and a cat on them.

I realised this month that Nevaeh really did not have that many clothes and from the ones that she does have, a couple of them are stained, damaged or too small/ tight. She really has grown a lot. There is only a small difference in height between her and Yovannah and this means that more and more they are seen as twins now. 
Both her and Yovannah didn't really have shoes for church or to wear with skirts and dresses either. They would normally wear boots or rain boots with their dresses. Only Nevaeh had gotten some other shoes for her birthday. So I decided since we are getting some extra money this month, to take the girls to H & M to get the flipflops, one of the 4,99 dresses, a 4,99 t-shirt and a pair of shoes.
We went to the shop yesterday after swimming lessons but since we did not have a lot of time left before the shop closed, we did not get the chance to get any dresses.

In this post, I am sharing what the smallies chose. Yovannah also asked to get her an outfit for her birthday so we got that too but I will be sharing that another day.

Nevaehs pick

A t-shirt with a cat on it

A hair band with cat ears

Flip flops

Summer shoes for church/dresses

Yovannahs pick

A t-shirt with a cat and a bird

Flip flops

Summer shoes for church/dresses

Do you ever shop at H & M ? Or do you have another place that you always shop from ? 
What do you think about what my girls picked ?

I'd love to hear from you.


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