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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What I wore Wednesday : dresses

I decided to finally do a What I wore Wednesday post again.
I will be sharing two outfits that I've had on over the last days in which I have been doing the 30 day challenge of wearing dresses and skirts. Read about it here .

When I was in Ireland I used to love going to the carboot sale to pick up cheap stuff and I often shopped there for clothes.

I got the dress that I am wearing in the picture below, on the carboot sale together with two different dresses for 1 euro. I did not wear it for ages but since I don't have a lot of dresses and skirts and I am trying to do this challenge, I had to give it a try.
It is really short, so I always wear it with pants. I chose black dress pants since they seemed the best match. The top from the dress is from t-shirt material and the dress is more cotton- like but very soft and it has pockets. The colours are dark-blue and white.
I also bought the brown jack on the carboot sale but it was new and so I paid about 8 euro for it.
It is made of leather look material with pockets and buttons.

This dress is also from the carboot sale and I got it for 2 euro.  I had it on to go to church. It is a little silky in the colour silver, with tiny beads on it. The dress is from A wear. It is also above the knee so I've paired it up with different black dress pants. I am also wearing a black top under it with long sleeves made out of chiffon.

What have you been wearing lately ? I would love to see it.
If you have a post about it, please share it in the comments.

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