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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello again !

It has been a little quite on my blog lately but today I'm doing another Hello Monday post to share what we've been up to in the last weeks.

Hello Monday.

Hello 7 year old Yovannah.
Yovannah turned seven years old exactly one week ago today.

Hello birthday clothes.
Unfortunately we spent all morning of Yovannahs birthday in two hospitals and on the way from one to the other and we were home around 5 in the afternoon and was so tired because I did not sleep enough in the night. So she only ended up putting her special clothes on late in the evening and we had chocolate cake afterwards.

Hello to helping to Yovannah helping to make her own chocolate birthday cake.

Hello to learning to ride on pony's.

Hello short hospital stay for Ixora.

Hello Bear doctor Ixora.

Hello special Zoo time

Hello to getting to sit in police cars on the way to the Zoo and back.

Hello to playing on the bouncy castle.

Hello self-made hut/tent in the garden.

Hello ice cappucino from Starbucks.
I 've never been a real coffee drinker especially since I have been pregnant or breastfeeding the girls for years in a row. Lately I have been drinking it now and then when I felt too tired in the morning because of lack of sleep. So when I was offered two of these, I gave them a try and I really loved them ! I even bought one in the shop today. I found out that they sell them in the supermarket. But they are not that cheap so I won't be getting them often.

Hello Vanilla Coffee latte from Nescafe
Another coffee I tried lately is coffee late with a vanilla taste. Absolutely yummy. And I am really drinking this a lot now.

Hello gym time.
I finally made it to the gym last weekend. I went with a friend to a gym where we could do a trial lesson. We did Body pump and Zumba classes I had done before last year when I was regularly going to the gym. I  enjoyed the Body pump and I am still feeling the muscle pain.
The zumba class had too many different dance steps (like a whole complicated- like choreography) and the fitness level was a bit too low for my taste.

Hello favourite flowers that I managed to get for under 2 euro in the supermarket.

Hello more medical tests for Ixora.

Hopefully by the grace of God these were really the last !!!

I love you girly. I know that you''ll be all better soon !

Hello new week. Please be a great one !!

What are you saying Hello to today ?

Love  and blessings,

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